Stayed up late, talking on the phone with your boyfriend? Then woke up early to reach the office on time. There’s no mystery as to why you require that extra cup of coffee. But sometimes the cause of tiredness is just more than lack of sleep. There could number of things for you being tired all the time!

So, Here Is A List Of 5 Surprising Reasons To Know Why You’ve Tired Always

1. Dehydrated

Dehydrated Rushing for work or exercising at the gym makes you lose a lot of water. Anybody who fails to replace water will face low energy levels and mood swings. So keep sipping water on regular basis.

2. Overwhelmed With Stress

TiredThe body produces the stress hormone called the cortisol in the morning, and its production lowers down in the night, for maintaining a normal daily rhythm. But chronic stress changes this pattern. Trying to do everything at once comes down to a fall. So try and relax your body as much as possible.

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3. Too Much Caffeine

Tired and drinking coffeeThe power of caffeine is a good option in the morning or before a workout but having it bit late in the evening can make it difficult to sleep in the night. Too much intake of caffeine can cause lack of sleep leading you to be tired the entire day. Read more

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