kitchen hacks

Working in the kitchen will get easier if we follow some of the below kitchen hacks:

1) How To Remove Seeds From Vegetables

kitchen hacks

Source: boilbroil

You can use ice cream scoop to easily remove seeds from vegetables. Ice cream scoops have sharp edges which can quickly scrape out seeds from vegetables like Zucchinis or Pumpkins.

2) How To Remove Extra Fat From Cooked Food

kitchen hacksIf the dish you’ve cooked turns out to be with extra oil or butter you can easily remove the fat with the help of ice cubes. Wrap the ice in the paper towel or paper tissue and wipe it over the food. The ice will act as a magnet and the floating fat will attract the towel by sticking on it.

3) How To Make Perfect Basted Eggs

kitchen hacksBefore breaking the eggs into the pan add some water to the pan instead of vegetable oil and then put the pan on the heater. This technique will help you to make perfect basted eggs.

4) How To Peel The Eggs Easier

kitchen hacks

Source: Design Mom

You can easily peel the eggs by adding soda or vinegar in the water while boiling them. Soda or Vinegar will get inside the shell making it easier to peel off. Read more