Are you planning to reduce weight? The first advice you’ll get it is starting counting your calories on and limit your calories. While we all know that junk food and processed foods have a lot of calories and should be eaten less, we hardly have an idea about daily foods like bread, rice, biscuits or even a chapati? This is why we’ve deconstructed calorie intake of common foods we consume every day. 

1) 1 Bowl Of Cooked Rice

Cooked Rice136 calories are found in 1 bowl of cooked rice, and about 272 calories are found in about 80 gms of a plate, i.e., a plateful of cooked rice.

2) 1 Parantha and 1 Chapati

Calories Chapati 30 gms of atta is used for one large Parantha and has about 121 calories, and a portion filled with aloo will be 210 calories while 20 gms of atta is used for one medium chapati and has about 70 calories and 30 gms of atta is used for a large chapati and has about 100 calories. Read more

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