Best Restaurants In Gurugram (Gurgaon)

The 10 Best Restaurants In Gurugram (Gurgaon)

For all the foodies out there, there is good news. Gurgaon has remodelled itself in the food department. There’s almost always a new restaurant on the block. What’s more intriguing are the trends that unfold across cuisines turning your dining experience into an unforgettable one. A few food experts try to revamp and introduce new varieties, while others take the traditional route and cherish something familiar. In this article, we present to you our choice of the 10 best restaurants to dine in Gurugram (Gurgaon).

1. Di Ghent Café

Di Ghent Café is, as the name suggests, a café which is well known for its Belgian touch in its food items. Moreover, it is especially famous for its breakfast and its appealing ambience which makes you want more. The menu includes Waffles, Pasta, Sandwiches, Coffee, Pancakes, etc. out of which we recommend you to try out their Creamy Carbonara Pasta. For all those people who love to upload Instagram stories about food, fret not, this place has free Wifi.

Open from: 9:00 am -11:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 1800 (approx.)

2. Farzi Café

Farzi Café is a combination of the conventional global cuisine with the influence of the Indian cooking style. This place is known for its modernized presentation of their dishes in an elegant décor. Their menu is interesting right from the Galouti Burger to their Goat Cheese Stuffed Tangdi Kebabs. Each dish over here has a surprise element attached to it. If you aren’t able to have an entire meal due to time constraints, then you should go there and let the bartenders do their job and come up with enticing cocktails.

Open from: 12:00 pm to 1:00 am
Cost for two: Rs. 1500 (approx.)

3. The Monk

If you are someone who identifies yourself as the one who likes a correlation between cuisine and culture, then you should definitely visit this place. There’s nothing traditional here and that adds to its appeal. Their menu which includes their Sliced Chicken and Roasted Cashew, or their different varieties of Fish, Prawns, Lamb, etc. will definitely be mouth-watering. When others are trying out new things, The Monk keeps it original and that’s what works best for them.

Open from: 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 2000 (approx.)

4. Dhaba by Claridges

Dhaba by Claridges is a North Indian based restaurant where the ambience and setting are of a highway eatery. With Nimbu Mirchi lights and a truck on which you can have a feast, this place ticks all the boxes of a classic highway restaurant. Their Butter Chicken is to die for, and Balti Meat leaves you wanting for more.

Open from: 12 pm to 3:30 pm and 7 pm to 10:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 1800 (approx.)

5. Crusty Gourmet Pizzas

As the name suggests, Crusty Gourmet Pizzas is famous for their deadly combo of crispy crusts. Moreover, you get to choose whether you want the original crust or a super thin crust, and you will not be disappointed. The pizzas are up for sale in all sizes – right from 6 inches to 15 inches. Don’t even get me started on the toppings; the toppings range from Mutton Keema Khansaa to Szechuan Prawns and you cannot resist it.

Open from: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 1000 (approx.)

6. The Pasta Bowl Company

This restaurant should be on your list if you are a pasta fan. The menu here is plentiful – right from their Tortellini Puttanesca, a dish stuffed with chicken, sliced tomatoes, and peppers to their Ravioli di Gamberi, a dish made with minced prawns and White wine. And it doesn’t end there. For the dessert, you can have their Tiramisu for a perfect ending to your snack.

Open from: 8:00 am to 11:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 1300 (approx.)

7. Indique

Indique is another North Indian style of restaurant which is at Sector 50 in Gurgaon next to the Malibu Towne. Whether you want to have a quick bite or a romantic date with your partner, this place should be one of the places that come to your mind. With a variety of rolls and time-pass snacks in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian domains, your lunch break will never be the same. With fascinating combinations of starters, the main course and to finish it off with Amarakhand Cheesecake as the dessert, this is the perfect place for a date.

Open from: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 1700 (approx.)

8. Kitchens of Asia (KOA)

Kitchens of Asia is unique in the sense that its cuisine goes beyond the borders and ventures into Japanese, Chinese, etc. Their Scallops with Garlic Teriyaki or their Black Cod Miso are at the top of our list, and you would not be disappointed with their King Prawns combined with Wasabi. Moreover, the sushi here is one of the dishes you should try. And as for the dessert, it should be their Blueberry Cheesecake hands-down.

Open from: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
Cost for two: Rs. 2000 (approx.)

9. NYC.Pie

Are you someone who is fond of pizza and can’t have enough of it? Then you should definitely go to NYC.Pie and try out their New York-style pizzas. Famous for its thin-crust pizzas, you can get them in various sizes from 8 inches to 16 inches. This place even lets you choose the base you want- be it regular or whole wheat, etc. and the provincial spices. We recommend their La Bomba and Italian sausage as it is a combination to die for.

Open from: 12:30 pm to 11:00 pm
Cost for two: Rs. 900 (approx.)

10. Molecular Air Bar

Just picture this: Rooftop seating, with a view of the city and live music playing, this place is perfect for its World War II style décor. The menu includes everything you can imagine, from Pizzas to Biriyani to a full bar. You should try their Dragon Smoke Popcorn and Mushroom Cappuccino. And don’t forget their signature Molecular Puchka Shots which are served with seven liquid fillings.

Open from: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
Cost for two: Rs. 2000 (approx.)

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