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10 Best Restaurants In Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps has food, culture, and more food. Usually famous for fulfilling people’s dream, the city is also famous for its living. Whether it be dress sense, food, locality, diverse culture the city is best in everything.

Let’s talk about Mumbai’s food! From the street food to a super expensive restaurant, Mumbai’s food is to crave for. So here we are today with a list of 10 best restaurants in Mumbai you should visit if you are a Mumbaikar or ever planning to visit Mumbai. These places promise an amazing experience and a taste of the city that you just can’t miss.

1) Peshawri- ITC Maratha

Best Restaurants In Mumbai

The restaurant is a class on its own. It is a combination of classic authentic food and classy ambience. The grand restaurant serves the cuisine of Bukhara which includes delicious kebabs and curries. Reservations to the place are strongly recommended.

Location: ITC Maratha, Sahar Road, Chakala, Mumbai
Timings: 12.00pm to 2.45pm, 7pm to 11.45pm

2) The Table

Best Restaurants In Mumbai

A variety of creative delicious dishes is available at this elegant and sophisticated restaurant. The restaurant serves continental and European cuisine which is mouthwatering while the Collection of wine at this place is just a must try!

Location: Kalapesi Trust Building, CS Maharishi Marg, Colaba, Mumbai
Timings: 12.30pm to 3.30pm, 4.30pm to 1am

3) Olive Bar and Kitchen

Top Restaurants In Mumbai

There’s a good chance you’ll bump into a Bollywood celebrity at this hidden restaurant in Khar. The Mediterranean food of the restaurant keeps on changing regularly but is scrumptious enough and includes healthy Italian salads and homemade kinds of pasta. The ambiance of the place is amazing too.

Location: 14, Union Park, Khar, Mumbai
Timings: 8pm to 1am

4) Golden Dragon, The Taj Mahal Palace

Best Restaurants In Mumbai

Feast yourself with the exotic and mouthwatering dishes of this place! From varieties of dim sum to Sichuan delicacies the restaurant is best in all types of Chinese and seafood. According to Mumbaikars, it is also believed that this grand restaurant at the Taj Mahal Palace was the first place in India to serve Szechuan dishes from southwest China.

Location: The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai
Timings: 12.30pm to 2.45pm, 7pm to 11.45pm

5) Pan- Asian – ITC Maratha

Best Restaurants In Mumbai


Try Asian dining in the most stylish and attractive style. This grand restaurant serves the finest dishes from Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Korea.

It is a perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon with your friends and family.

Location: ITC Maratha, Sahar Road, Chakala, Mumbai
Timings: 12.00pm to 2.45pm, 7pm to 11.45pm

6) Khyber

Khyber the Best Restaurant In Mumbai

You just can’t fault this place for when it comes to cuisine or ambiance. Made in Afghani style the food of the place is to seek for! The restaurant matches the ambiance and serves meaty grills and curries from the Mughal northwest.

Location: 145, MG Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai
Timings: 12.30pm to 3.30pm, 7.30pm to 11.30pm

7) Leopold Cafe & Bar

Leopold Cafe & Bar

Leopold cafe is usually crowded with travellers from across the globe. The large dining room of the cafe is a bliss to have Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Come early for dinner and enjoy your delicious meal with a glass of wine or a beer tower.

Whether it be a breakfast or a lunch you can always enjoy the food at the cafe!

Location: S.B. Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Colaba, Mumbai
Timings: 7.30am to 12.00am

8) Masque

best restaurants mumbai

This restaurant is an experimental concept of new flavors. It’s all about infusing the local products to create dishes which are surprising and delightful. You can have small bits of 2-course meals to a 10-course meal here. The place is a pure bliss for foodies.

Location: Unit 3, Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Timings: 12.30pm to 3.30pm, 7.30pm to 12.00am

9) Thalassa 

best restaurants mumbai

You don’t need to visit Goa for Thalassa it’s in Mumbai too. This restaurant serves authentic greek food which is delectable plus the cocktails of the place are piquant.

Location: 21st Street, Off Carter Road, Khar (West), Mumbai
Timings: 12.00pm to 1.00am

10) Masala Library

best restaurants mumbai

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, The name itself gives us the hint of the variety of flavorsome spices used at the restaurant. The cuisines served are North Indian and South Indian but the place is best known for its innovative display of food. The interior of the place promises an experience that is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Do visit the above restaurants in Mumbai and let us know how was your experience in the comments below.

Location: GF, First International Financial Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
Timings: 12.30pm to 2.30pm, 7.30pm to 11.30pm

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