10 Companies with Incredible Employee Perks


Psychology has proven time and again that a happy and satisfied employee is more productive, motivated and faithful. Even a little appreciation from employers or managers can work wonders for employees – they give their 100% to the task they have been assigned, and love that their work is being acknowledged.

Extra perks and benefits ensure the company’s overall success rate is high, and privileges do not necessarily involve hiked salaries: there are numerous unique and incredible ways to keep employees content and motivated. On-site gyms and cafeterias are now passé. Below, we have listed down the top companies and the perks that they offer their employees:

1. Netflix

This American entertainment company offers a year’s paid maternity and paternity leave to new parents. Along with this, it also allows parents to return part-time or full-time whenever they want, and take their time off from work as needed, throughout the year.

2. Starbucks

A haven for working students or employees, Starbucks provides a full reimbursement to its workers. As it has partnered with Arizona State University, the employees can get their online bachelor’s degree with complete tuition coverage.

3. Airbnb

An online hospitality service provider, Airbnb offers its employees just what it is known for: it grants its employees a yearly stipend of $2,000 so that they can stay in any Airbnb listing around the globe and travel wherever they wish to. How lucky are these employees!

4. Twitter

That they provide three-catered meals to all employees is a well-known fact. But what’s more is that they also offer on-location acupuncture and improvisation classes! That is very cool indeed.

5. Accenture

This company is known for providing management, technology and consulting services all over the world. As a part of their commitment to the LGBT community, it endeavours to create an inclusive work atmosphere, and the company supports gender reassignment for its employees.

6. Walt Disney Company

This company literally lives up to its name. Known as the ‘happiest place on earth,’ Walt Disney Company keeps its employees happy by providing them free admittance to all their parks, along with their friends and families. Plus, they also get the hotels and merchandise at a discounted rate.

7. Adobe

Adobe offers ‘guilt-free’ perks to all its employees by proving an entire week off in December and another week over the summer. During these two weeks, the company closes down entirely so that the employees can enjoy the holidays without being guilty of taking time off.

8. Deloitte

Here, two kinds of sabbatical programs are up for grabs. Employees can either take a month-long break for any reason. Or, they can use a three to six-month break to develop personally or professionally. They can do the latter with a forty percent pay.

9. Google

Google is always known for its lavish on-site perks, and this gives employees and potential candidates an excellent reason to work for Google. This company genuinely cares about the health of its workers, and you will find massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors on the campus. Another benefit that Google offers is death benefit to its employees where the surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee receives fifty percent of their salary for the next ten years.

10. Facebook

If you plan to intern at Facebook, it will surely impress you with all that it has to offer. Interns get free housing with fantastic amenities like shuttle service to and fro Facebook’s campus, or a housing stipend of $1,000.

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