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10 Different Uses For Olive Oil

Over the past decade, olive oil has gracefully emerged as the DIY, all-natural kitchen staple which has multiple benefits. However, it has been in use for many, many centuries and was well-known as the ‘liquid gold’ – rightly so. It is filled with anti-aging properties and anti-oxidants, making it superb for your nails, skin, and hair. Just as coconut oil has a host of benefits, olive oil can be used in multiple ways, depending on your need. If you are a culinary expert and binge-watch MasterChef, you might be acquainted with the health benefits of olive oil already. It is an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet, and the health benefits of olive oil are most definitely unparalleled. In fact, we are still trying to discover the innumerable ways olive oil can be exploited.

But here, we will explore the many benefits of olive oil apart from cooking. Find out 10 different uses for olive oil here:

1. Moisturiser

Olive oil works as a moisturizer, as it is packed with vitamins A, D K & E. Whether used over face or skin, olive oil penetrates deep into the skin, maintaining its smoothness and suppleness. If you are skeptical about using oils, olive oil can also be used as a night cream, offering you a long-lasting shield of moisture. Another method of dealing with oils is to apply it on damp skin to avoid greasiness. The water on your skin surface reduces the greasy feeling left behind by the olive oil.

2. Cuticle Oil

Getting a manicure done at a fancy salon is all very good, but the chances are that you might have clipped or pushed back your cuticles during the process. Although this makes the nails look longer and more beautiful, it could be risky as they can quite easily splinter. Just like taking care of your nails is a must, taking care of your cuticles is essential too. The dryness can cause the cuticles to splinter and darken, so it needs regular moisturizing, and this is where olive oil comes to the rescue. As olive oil is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins, it ensures that your cuticles are healthy and moisturized.

3. Lip Balm

Just as olive oil keeps your face, body, and cuticles moisturized, it also helps to moisturize your lips. As it is loaded with incredible anti-oxidants and vitamins, olive oil has got you covered just in case your chapstick is over.

4. Soothes earaches

The potent polyphenols found in olive oil coupled with the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, this combination treats ear infections in the best possible way. Olive oil was always used as a base for lotions and balms, so it is evident that it can cure ear infections. As garlic is the most easily accessible ingredient available in kitchens, used with olive oil, it is an easy home remedy for ear infections.

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5. Cleans leather couches

Couches, and especially leather ones, go through a lot of wear and tear over a period. Cleaning couches take up not only a lot of time but also effort and money too. Here’s where olive oil becomes useful. Dabbing a bit of the oil makes the leather shine and rehydrate the fabric. This is a quick fix which is inexpensive.

6. Bath oil

Essential oils and bath oils are trending and for a good reason. Instead of spending on little bottles, olive oil works wonders for your skin and can be used as a bath oil. Just a few drops in your bath water and it can not only moisturize you but also keep sickness at bay.

7. Makeup remover

We all love makeup, but removing it at night is quite a task. Regularly buying makeup-removing serums and wipes is a bit too much. So, getting yourself a massive bottle of olive oil seems like a one-time investment. As most makeup removal products are oil-based, olive oil can easily dissolve all the makeup on your face. Plus it is all-natural. Yay!

8. For pets

Yes, that’s right. The best way to treat your pup’s dandruff and dry skin problems in winter is to add olive oil into his diet. Who doesn’t want a shiny, furry coat for their pets? Olive oil helps you achieve exactly that. It can be used externally by dabbing a bit of oil on the brush and grooming your pet. What’s more, it also promotes healthy hair growth. This is the simplest and most reasonable way to keep your cats and dogs tip-top!

9. Removal of Henna tattoos

Henna tattoos represent the long history and tradition of the Middle East and South Asian culture. The elegant and beautiful designs of these tattoos are made possible by using a paste from the henna plant and are usually seen during weddings and other religious festivals.

The tattoo lasts for a few weeks, and the duration varies. However, if you feel like taking it off before it goes off naturally, olive oil can come to very well be your savior. Just take a cotton pad, dip it in olive oil to rub over the henna, and keep it for around ten minutes. It also works wonders for removing Mehendi stains.

10. Heel repair

We can all agree that cracked heels take a long time to cure. But olive oil can help you out just fine here. After exfoliating your rough, split feet with a pumice stone, apply olive oil generously and wear socks to lock the moisture. This will hydrate your feet as you sleep. 


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