10 Foods That Help Bloating And Gas

One of the worst things that can happen to you on a really good day is to feel bloated. You eat a really good and delicious meal, but then you start to feel puffed up and you start to regret your whole meal. You begin to feel like a pufferfish that was normal only a few moments ago, but now have expanded and blown up like a balloon.

Bloating is basically the cells inside your body building up when they retain water or retain sodium.  It can also be caused by poor digestion. In women, bloating is common during the menstrual period.   

This situation totally ruins your mood and makes you feel uncomfortable too. But did you know that you can beat the feeling of bloating by taking care of what you eat. So here’s a list of few items that you should consume to alleviate this feeling of being stuffed and stay light and wholesome always. 


Oatmeal help with gas and bloating

Oatmeal contains potassium which is good as it fights the retention activities of sodium and prevents bloating. It also contains several elements which have a prebiotic effect on gut bacteria, this, in turn, helps to maintain a happy and healthy stomach which prevents feeling sick.


Watermelon help with gas and bloating

Watermelon has extremely high water content. This, in turn, helps to fight water retention which is another reason for feeling stuffy. Watermelon also contains potassium which will help to fight sodium. It is also rich in diuretic content and it helps to control bloating.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate help with gas and bloating

Dark Chocolate, ones that are rich in cocoa contains several polyphenols and a large amount of fibre. This is good for the human body as it increases ta number of healthy gut bacteria. The polyphenols also help with stomach inflammation and help to calm the stomach.


Water help with gas and bloating

Drinking water is a way of fighting water retention with water. It is known that lack of water in the body makes the body hold on to the little amount of water, hence drinking water can help to prevent water retention. When drinking water, make sure that you drink directly from the glass and not use a straw to drink the water as it will eliminate any chances of taking in extra hair.


food help with gas and bloating

Bananas are extremely rich in potassium which helps to counteract the action of sodium in our body which is the major cause of bloating. This will help us to decrease chances of bloating. It is also has a mild diuretic effect which is another positive attribute towards beating bloating.

Green tea

Green tea help with gas and bloating

Green tea helps the stomach and digestion in several ways. It helps to stop water retention. It also acts as a natural diuretic for the body. Green tea also helps in improving digestion and reducing the effects of the gas. A study conducted by the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research says that green tea can lower inflammation in your digestive tract by keeping your epithelial cells healthy.



Lemon and other vegetables or fruits that are high in citrus content are good for the body as they are good natural diuretics. They are also high in water retention and hence help to counteract the effects of sodium to prevent bloating. Adding lemon juice to water and drinking this is also good. Lemon is also a laxative so it reduces the amount of salt retained in the body.


Tomatoes help with bloating

Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant known to have anti-inflammatory and debloating effects. They also contain potassium which is also good for the stomach and prevents the fleeing from being bloated. However, remember to cook the tomatoes so that you will be able to unlock more lycopene content than when the tomatoes are raw.


Almonds help with gas and bloating

Almonds have high levels of fibre, proteins and prebiotics. So they are a really good snack that can also prevent the effects of bloating in the human body. So grab a handful of almonds to tide you over and watch your body calm down soon enough.


Blueberries help with bloating

Blueberries contain huge amounts of fibre and also antioxidants. They are good for the stomach as they help to move food items quickly through the digestion tract and help to decrease pressure in the gut. According to a study published in 3 Biotech, blueberries reduce inflammation in the belly thus helping to beat puffiness.

A good plan would be to make a mixture juice or a drink that is a mixture of these foods, all of those that go together. Try mixing lemon, cucumber, watermelon, and rosemary for a good bloat- beating fix that will help you. The only problem with this fix is that it might make you have to visit the washroom much more often than usual.


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