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10 Foods You Should Not Eat To Have A Flat Belly

We all want to have a flat stomach, it’s healthy and sexy. A flat belly is a major part of the journey to reach the destiny of a perfect body. We focus a lot on the things that we need to add to our diet and the exercises we need to do to get there, but in addition to those, we also need to steer clear of certain food items to not neutralise our efforts to get a flat belly.

Here’s a list of things that you need to avoid consuming for hot flat stomach:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol Drink

Alcoholic drinks add to your calories which most often results in inflating the size of your belly eventually. And, to add to that, we are all used to eat a snack while having a beer or any other drink. Why so? That’s because alcohol tends to increase your appetite and again resulting in the consumption of more calories. So stay away from alcohol to get that flat belly folk!

2. Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks

There are so many reasons why we should not consume these, yet we all do. But if you want a flat belly bad enough, I suggest you stay away from these as they slow down the metabolism and stimulate the body to accumulate fat. Maybe a flat belly will be an incentive enough for us to stop consuming Soft Drinks.

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Yes, these little things do matter. We inadvertently consume a lot of little things that can give us a lot of pain in the long run when compared to the little pleasure we may get while eating them. Chewing gum makes you hungry as it stimulates the production of stomach acid resulting us to eat more. So, next time you are about to pop a gum in your mouth, think again.

4. Fast Food

burger and french fries

Fast food is full of calories, we all know this fact. So, it’s not rocket science to understand that they can give you a paunch. So, avoid eating fast food to get a flat belly.

5. Mayonnaise


Who doesn’t love Mayo?! It can make anything and everything tasty. Extra mayo has always been our way to go. But turns out it’s time we change our paths as Mayo contains a lot of fat and it can be a big obstacle on our road to get a flat stomach.

6. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Sugar is a fattening substance. Consuming Ice cream is not going to help you get anywhere near to getting a flat stomach as all that fat will be stored as abdominal fat.

7. French Fries

French Fries

Now, this is too hard, I know. How can you go out to hang with friends and not order French fries and then say” keep ’em coming” to the waiter? Well, we must remind ourselves, No pains, No gains. To get that flat belly we’ve been dreaming of, it’s time we sacrifice a bit.

8. Sugar-Free products

cupcakes sugar free

These products don’t work for you the way think they will. They are polyalcohols that help people with diabetes alone. If we add them to food like true substitutes of sugar, that’s only going to add to your abdominal fat.

9. Salt and other sodas


Stay away from sodium products as they tend to retain the fluids that make it harder for the body to burn out the fats. Consuming a lot of salt, baking soda, etc can add to your woes with regards to not being able to get a flat belly.

10. Food that makes you bloat


Certain food can give you a bloated feeling as they stimulate intestinal gasses. It’s better to avoid those items to have a healthy and flat stomach.



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