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10 Mouth-Watering Varieties Of Momos That Will Blow Your Mind

Say hello to these little bundles of happiness that started their journey in India with shredded chicken and cabbage. But now, Thanks to all the cooks and lovely chefs these jackets have gone through a makeover and have become more delicious. Confused about it? We’re talking about small little momos.

So, Have A Look At These 10 Varieties Of Momos:

1) Chicken Momos

Chicken MomosChicken is the favorite hero of all the cuisines. The minced chicken momos with your favorite seasoning is something you’ll crave for!

2) Steamed Momos

Steamed MomosThis is the very first version of momos. They’re half-moon shaped and are filled with green chili, cabbage, and seasoning. They taste good with chilli sauce and mayonnaise.

3) Veg Momos

Veg MomosGrounded spices and freshly chopped vegetables make this the best version among all the vegetarians. They taste lovely with chili-garlic sauce and garlic mayonnaise.

4) Fried Momos

Fried Momos

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For perfect juicy flavor and crunchy taste try fantastically fried momos that are filled with boiled vegetables/sautéed and seasoning. They taste divine with chili-garlic sauce and garlic mayonnaise.

5) Wheat Momos

Wheat Momos

Source: Flickr

Are you health conscious? This amazing version of momos is made of wheat flour and some low-fat meat or green veggies. It tastes scrumptious with mint chutney.

6) Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After the steamed momos came the tandoori momos. The topping of yogurt, grounded spices, and creamy texture makes these momos a perfect treat to your taste buds.

7) Paneer Momos

varieties of momos

Source: Flickr

Paneer momos are the best choice for a vegetarian. This version of momos is made with chopped onion, crushed paneer and coriander leaves. This version of momos is purely Desi.

8) Keema Momos

Keema Momos

This version of Momos is filled with seasoning and minced meat. If you are bored of snacks like Keema Fritters and Keema Pav, then this dish is a must try for you.

9) Chilli Momos

Chilli Momos

Filled with tangy and hot sauces, this version of momos is filled with sliced green chilies, fresh bell peppers, spring onions, and scallions. You can have them with tomato sauce and make your own platter ready.

10) Cheese Momos

Cheese Momos

For a change, replace your pizza with your momos with cheese. Find it scrumptiously delicious? Well, it is! The filling of chicken/veggies is melted with cheese and then steamed for an amazing flavor.

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