10 Worst Foods To Avoid Eating For Breakfast


Yes yes, we constantly hear people screaming that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we must not miss our breakfast, not having breakfast DOES NOT lead to weight loss but instead produces some adverse effects, and on and on. But they never specify on what to have and not to have. Just the fact that you have breakfast daily does not keep you healthy. WHAT you eat during the busiest part of your day is also important. So, here are 10 items that you should try and keep out of your breakfast menu.

Vada pav

This is basically a fried Vada filled with potatoes held in between slices of white bread. No good can come out of this blob of 286 calories. Switch to whole wheat bread and vegetables that are good for you.

Packaged fruit juice

All the processes that lead to the production of these cause the loss of most of their nutrients and fibers. Have some freshly prepared juice and get that healthy organic glow going!

Sweet yogurt

This fat-free food contains more sugar than ice cream does. Instead, choose the salty yogurt which is rich in fat and can benefit you.


Paratha becomes harmful when it comes in contact with too much butter or ghee. Having vegetable filled parathas with very less oil is quite good for you in the mornings.

Puri sabzi

Pooris comes with a packaging of the drippy layer of fried ghee which is understandably harmful, especially for breakfast. Try chapatis with only a little oil and less oily curries to go with them.

Processed food

Cereals, canned food items and such have become essential in the lives of every working individual and their children. It is known that they are not as healthy as they show in their ads. Have more organic, non-canned items in your breakfast to kick the nutrient level up a notch.


Maggi! Yay! Every Indian’s favorite food. Due to its lack of nutrients, Maggi does not do you any good by being your breakfast.


They are yummy and sweet and of course not at all beneficial to your health. Try some fruits if you crave sweet stuff in the morning.

Bread butter

Despite being the most popular breakfast choice of most students, the combination of bread and butter contains not many nutrients. Instead, have brown bread and vegetables.

Samosa or Kachori

Being the most famous Indian snacks, they are readily available everywhere for your consumption. But, both are multiple levels of unhealthy due to being deep fried and containing ingredients that make you drowsy in the morning. Try veg rolls and have a happy, healthy morning.

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