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11 Reasons Why Individuals Who Work From Home Are More Creative And Productive

The debate between working from the workplace or home has been on since ages. Although they both have their benefits, here are 11 amazing benefits of choosing to work from home.

1. You Save A Lot Of Time

Work from home cuts your commute time. Thus, giving you an extra cushion of time for work and saving the amount of money spent on transportation or gas.

2. You Become More Productive

A study by Stanford reported a 13 percent increase in productivity in individuals who work from home compared to the one from the workplace.

3. You Stay Happier

Work from home helps you maintain work-life balance. It becomes easy to manage time and space that suits you the best.

4. You Tend To Work With People All Over The Globe

Work From Home connects you from all corners of the country or the globe. It introduces you to people from different parts of the globe.

5. You Are Less Likely To Quit

Working from home makes you deal less with trivial issues. Thus, making you happy on the job and not allowing you to quit the job.

6. You Hardly Feel The Need Of A Vacation

You hardly feel the need of a vacation because you work from home and spend most of the time with your friends and family.

7. Your Office Can Be Anywhere

You can shift your office anywhere when you’re working from home. It can be your room, a coffee shop or any outdoor place while you’re travelling.

8. You Become More Independent And Resourceful

Because you don’t have the convenience of a tech team or colleagues next to you. You tend to develop your skills being more creative and productive.

9. You Stay More Focused

You’ll be surprised to know how productive and focused you stay while working from home without the of co-workers around your space, unnecessary gossip, blaring noise of the TV and much more.

10. You Maintain Flexibility And A Better Work-Life Balance

You tend to balance your own life and work life according to your schedule. Flexibility becomes a huge benefit while working from home.

11. You Work Better Because Of Less Pressure

You stay calm because you know there’s no boss breathing down on you. You not only work more but also your quality of work increases.

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