11 Vegetarian Foods That Have More Iron Than Meat

Usually, dieticians recommend meat if you suffer from low iron. It is tough for vegetarians to find the non-meat option to gain iron for their body.

So Here We Are With List Of 11 Vegetarian Foods That Will Help You Boost Your Iron Intake.


Spinach Vegetarian FoodsAccording to studies, dark and leafy vegetables are rich sources of iron. FYI, about 18mg of iron are covered by three cups of spinach. That means you can quickly hit your daily RDA of Iron for your body with just one bowl of spinach soup.


LentilsLentils are a great source of iron more than 8-ounces steak. Besides, they’re also filled with nutrients like protein, potassium and dietary fiber.


BroccoliThe vegetable is not just a good source of iron but is also filled with essential nutrients like Magnesium; Vitamin K. Broccoli also has good amounts of Vitamin C which may help boost iron absorption in the body.

Baked Potato

Vegetarian Food Baked PotatoAccording to researchers, one large baked potato contains more iron than a bowl of chicken. For a scrumptious dinner add few veggies like carrots, capsicums and some cheese with baked potato.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame SeedsOne spoon of sesame seeds contains about 1.3mg of iron. You can mix these small seeds with your roti dough or add them to salads. It is incredibly easy to add sesame seeds to your diet.

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CashewsMost of the nuts are rich in many nutrients and are rich in proteins too, but cashews are also filled with iron. Consuming 2-3 cashews per day can be beneficial for your body.


SoybeansSoybeans are rich in proteins and are also good sources of iron. About one bowl of cooked soybean contains more than 7-8 mg of iron.


TofuTofu is a vegan alternative to cottage cheese. Studies claim that about half-cup of tofu contains 3mg of iron. You can stir fry tofu or add it to your salad.


ChickpeasChickpeas are amazing for your health. About one cup chickpeas contain almost 4.7mg of iron. You can add them to your diet quickly. Just roast them and have them as a snack or eat them in the Indian style with few veggies like tomatoes and onions, mix them up with spices and dress them with lemon juice.

Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateDark chocolate has many health benefits. They not only help you to maintain your healthy skin and reduce anxiety but also one ounce of the chocolate contains about 2-3 mg of Iron.

Kidney Beans

Kidney BeansPer cup of kidney beans contains about 3-4 mg of iron. Make sure you eat kidney beans to have the best flavor and texture and to gain more health benefits.

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