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12 Amazing Pizza Facts That Everyone Should Know

Who would have known that a simple flatbread topped with cheese and tomato sauce would be such a revolution in the food industry. The dish coming from Italy is now a widely consumed food item all over the world, especially U.S.A. Most of the credit in its popularity goes to pizza joints and their quick delivery mechanism to people’s houses. To all our pizza lovers here are some of the pizza facts that may break out when you take the next slice of your delicious pizza:

1. The word pizza was first coined in 997 A.D.

2. The cost of most expensive pizza in the world is $1200.


3. In the USA, a delivery man got a tip of $1268 in the year 2014 for delivering the pizza.

4. The pepperoni consumed alone amounts around 114,200,951 kg amongst the pizza eaters.

5. 100 acres of pizza are consumed by Americans alone each day.

6. 1 out 8 Americans eat pizza every day.

7. Pizza constitutes around 10% of the total food services sold in the USA.

amazing pizza facts

8. Annually every American eats around 46 slices of pizza.

9. Around three billion pizzas are sold in the USA each year.

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10. October has been named as the national pizza month of the USA.

11. There are 93% of Americans who eat pizza at least once in a month.

12. In the USA, the amount of pizza eaten by children for breakfast amounts about 4% of the total amount of pizza consumed.

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