12 Benefits Of Amla or Indian Gooseberry For Hair

Are you tired of hair fall? And want to try something natural rather than using the same chemical based items that may or may not suit your lovely hair. Half of us are not usually satisfied with the way our hair looks! This makes us go for different hair spas or salon treatments. But allowing the hair grow naturally requires a balanced diet with some other efforts.

Usually, it is believed that our hair is like a health barometer and if you have been observing fallen hair strands on your pillow as soon as you wake up or after a morning shower, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Hair fall is common, and usually, the fallen hair is replaced with new strands of hair, but excessive hair loss can lead to hair thinning. Indian Gooseberry also is known as Amla or Amrit is one of the most healthy product for the hair. It has many health benefits and can be used in any form oil, powdered or raw. It can act as a natural conditioner for the hair making it stronger and beautiful.

Here Are 12 Amazing Benefits Of Using Indian Gooseberry For Your Hair:

1) Hair Growth

The Phyto nutrients, minerals, and vitamins present in Amla help in stimulating healthy hair growth and increasing the scalp circulation.

2) Natural Hair Conditioner

It can strengthen, nourish and condition your hair by making it healthy,  shiny and by volumising it.

3) Treats Dandruff

Dryness usually causes dandruff. The Vitamin C present in Amla cures the dryness and prevents dandruff.

4) Cleanses Scalp

Amla juice is a fantastic product for the scalp cleansing. It provides nourishment to the scalp and makes the hair naturally healthier and shiny.

5) Improves Pigmentation

Usually half of the coloring packs contain Amla in them as it helps to prevent pigmentation. It also helps in discoloration making your hair stronger and thicker.

6) Reduces Graying Of Hair

According to Ayurveda, it is due to an excess of pitta in the body which leads to premature graying of hair.  Few of the signs of excess pitta include peptic ulcers, skin rashes, burning sensations, excessive body heat, and heartburn. It acts as a natural coolant and can be used as an excellent remedy for Pitta issues.

7) Strengthens Hair

Amla juice acts as a toner for both hair and skin. It strengthens your hair follicles thereby increasing hair and facilitating hair growth.

8) Antioxidant

Amla is 17 times the antioxidant of pomegranate and twice the power of acai. It can eliminate toxins in the body and can serve as an incredible antioxidant.

9) Natural- Shine

Adding Amla powder to your hair masks can give you naturally shiny hair.

10) Thickening of Hair

As Amla is full of nutrients and has a lot of benefits, drinking amla juice or applying it on your hair can enhance your growth by making it more thicker.

11) Prevents Frizzy Hair

Amla prevents dryness and helps in restoring the moisture of the hair. It also helps in removing the dead cells of the hair.

12) Enhances Hair Color

Amla enhances hair color, so it commonly used in Henna too.

Amla can do wonders for your hair whether you drink it, eat it or apply it! The results of using it would be seen so quickly that you wouldn’t want Amla to let go of it!


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