13 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessel

You may call it an old practice but there were genius reasons why elders preferred drinking water in copper vessels. According to Ayurveda drinking water stored in copper vessels helps in balancing the three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta) thus our ancestors drank water in copper vessels and asked us to do the same. Drinking water in copper vessels has numerous health benefits, and now science also supports the fact about copper-enriched water having amazing properties that are sure of lending a multitude of health benefits to us.

So Here Is A List Of 13 Amazing Health Benefits:

1) Strengthens Your Digestive System

Drinking water stored in copper vessel helps in cleansing and detoxifying body by a proper elimination of harmful waste products from your body. It can also be a good remedy for stomach infections.

2) Can Cure Anaemia

You can raise your hemoglobin level by drinking water in any copper vessel and combat your anemia.

3) Reduces Arthritis And Joint Pain

Copper-enriched water has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which tend to reduce arthritis and joint pain.

4) Protects You From Infections and Waterborne Diseases and Destroys Bacteria

Drinking Water Copper VesselDrinking water in copper vessels can protect you from several infections and waterborne diseases like jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery etc as copper enriched water is effective against E.coli and S.aureus.

5) Boosts Cardiovascular Health And Beats Hypertension

According to American Cancer Society, copper is proven to have properties that help you to regulate the blood pressure, heart rate, lowering bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

6) Stimulates The Functioning Of Brain And Curbs ADHD

According to studies, water stored in copper vessels is amazing for your brain health and curbs ADHD. Copper-enriched water also helps in boosting of anti-convulsive and brain stimulating properties.

7) Heals Wounds Quickly

Copper-enriched water aids healing because of it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties.

8) Reduces Thyroid

It can help you regulate the functioning of thyroid gland. Drinking a glass of water from copper vessel right before your meal can be very helpful.

9) Improves Your Skin

Copper is the main component of the production of melanin. Thus, helps to give us a better glowing skin. It also assists to conceal the scars and heal the wounds, besides it also helps in the production of new cells that help in replenishing skin.

10) Good For Pregnant Ladies

Drinking a glass of water in copper vessel regularly may help in assisting unborn baby’s heart, skeletal, nervous system, and blood vessels.

11) Lowering The Risk Of Cancer

Drinking water in copper vessels helps in curbing new cancer cells formation.They are rich in antioxidants which are good for the repair of body cells.

12) Slows Down The Aging Process

Drinking water in copper vessels can help you give a gorgeous skin. Copper-enriched water is rich in antioxidants that may help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and patchy skin.

13) Helps In Weight Loss

copper vessel benefitsWe all may prefer drinking water in a copper vessel after knowing this particular reason! Drinking water in a copper vessel can aid weight loss by eliminating fat cells. So, drinking water in a copper vessel will help you stimulate the breakdown of unwanted fats from the body.

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