13 Jasmine Oil Health Benefits, You Must Read

Jasmine is known as the “Queen of the Night”, with the word Jasmine coming from the Persian word Yasmin meaning a ‘gift from god”. Jasmine Essential Oil is extracted from the flowers of Jasmine. The flower is very famous and is known for its strong and appealing fragrance which is mostly associated with romance and love.

Besides, good smell and association with love the flower oil have many essential components like Cis-3-Hexenyl Benzoate, Cis-Jasmone, Methyl Anthranilate, P-Cresol, Nerol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Linalool, Benzoic Acid, Benzaldehyde and Benzyl Acetate present in them. These components of the flower oil can lead you to many surprising health benefits.

So Here Is A List Of 13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Jasmine Essential Oil:

1) Antiseptic

Jasmine oil can be a really good antiseptic as it contains constituents like Benzaldehyde, Benzoic Acid, and Benzyl Benzoate which have very effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral properties. This amazing oil can heal internal as well as external wounds and injuries.

If externally applied to a wound jasmine oil can prevent it from becoming septic thus helping to remove several infections. While if used internally through inhalation it can reduce infections of the respiratory system.

2) Enhances sex drive

Jasmine Oil has a property which tends to make you feel loved and romantic. Basically, it enhances your libido and feelings of sexual desire.

It also has a major impact on the hormones and chemical reactions within the body and so helps to cure problems such as premature ejaculation, frigidity, impotency, and various other sexual disorders.

3) Mood-lifter

Jasmine Oil has a strong and appealing aroma which can have a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind, thus acting as an antidepressant. The aromatic fragrance of the oil can stimulate the release of many mood uplifting hormones of the body.

Thus the oil has a power and potential to make you feel happy and loved anytime anywhere.

4) Sleep Aid

The properties of Jasmine Oil can make it an ideal tool for long sound sleep. Jasmine oil fights back insomnia and behaves as an expectorant, sedative, and antispasmodic for staying asleep the entire night.

5) Emmenagogue

Jasmine oil can control the hormone level of the body. It also has an emmenagogue property which regulates period cycles and makes the periods clear and less painful. This property of the jasmine essential oil is mainly useful for women who suffer from irregular, obstructed, or painful menses. It also provides relief to other menses related problems.

6) Galactogogue

Jasmine oil tends to increase the milk secretions from the breasts. This property of the jasmine oil is very good for lactating mothers and their new babies. The oil also helps to protect the body from breast related diseases like tumors and cancers.

7) Cicatrisant

Jasmine oil has amazing skin benefits too. It is a cicatrizant and so can help you to fade all those ugly scar marks, wound marks and reddish spots. The oil can also make you rid of fat cracks that often happen after pregnancy.

Jasmine Oil 8) Parturient

This property of jasmine oil can help you during your pregnancy. Jasmine oil facilitates and eases the birthing process and reduces labor pains. According to researchers, many women who have chosen jasmine oil during pregnancy find the recovery process less painful and the postnatal period also shorter. Besides, jasmine essential oil can also strengthen contractions and shorten the time it takes to deliver a baby.

9) Expectorant 

The expectorant property of jasmine oil can provide you a relief from a cough and cold easily. It can give you a sound sleep by clearing and eliminating cough from respiratory tracts. If used regularly it can also say a goodbye to snoring by clearing the congestion of nasal tracts.

10) Skin Health

Jasmine essential oil has numerous skin benefits. From reducing acne to getting a glowing skin jasmine oil can do it all. Jasmine oil is used for many skin care purposes especially in terms of treating dry brittle skin, allergies, and irritations. It is also used for the treatment of eczema and dermatitis many a time.

11) Antispasmodic

Spasms can be harmful and deadly but jasmine oil can treat them easily and quickly. Jasmine essential oil can help you relax and treat your spasmodic coughs, breathlessness, cramps, congestion, asthma,  and even spasmodic cholera.

12) Uterine

Jasmine oil is good for your uterine health as it can easily tone the uterus. It also helps to promote secretions of many hormones which can prevent your uterus from cancers and tumors and may also ensure proper functioning of the organs.

13) Sedative

Jasmine oil can be a really amazing sedative. The amazing fragrance of the oil can calm down the body, mind, and soul giving you positive vibrations. It can relieve you from anger, anxiety, stress and depression. And it can also control your mood swings.

Besides, one of the other benefits of jasmine oil is it can be used to free people from several drug addictions.

You can also blend the oil with several other oils such Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose oil and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

Cautions To Keep In Mind:

During the actual birthing process, pregnant women should avoid using jasmine oil as it is an emmenagogue. High dosages of the oil should be avoided as well as they are highly relaxing and contain amazing sedative property.

Besides, people allergic to jasmine flowers should avoid usage of jasmine oil too.

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