13 kitchen hacks that’ll make your life extremely easier


Working in the kitchen will get easier if we follow some of the below kitchen hacks:

1) How To Remove Seeds From Vegetables

You can use ice cream scoop to easily remove seeds from vegetables. Ice cream scoops have sharp edges which can quickly scrape out seeds from vegetables like Zucchinis or Pumpkins.

2) How To Remove Extra Fat From Cooked Food

If the dish you’ve cooked turns out to be with extra oil or butter you can easily remove the fat with the help of ice cubes. Wrap the ice in the paper towel or paper tissue and wipe it over the food. The ice will act as a magnet and the floating fat will attract the towel by sticking on it.

3) How To Make Perfect Basted Eggs

Before breaking the eggs into the pan add some water to the pan instead of vegetable oil and then put the pan on the heater. This technique will help you to make perfect basted eggs.

4) How To Peel The Eggs Easier

You can easily peel the eggs by adding soda or vinegar in the water while boiling them. Soda or Vinegar will get inside the shell making it easier to peel off.

5) How To Squeeze Last Drop Out Of Citrus Fruits

You can squeeze more juice out of citrus fruit by cooling the fruit in the fridge and then keeping it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

6) How To Use Parchment Papers For Cupcakes

You can easily use parchment paper for cupcakes if you don’t have special molds for them. This method makes the cupcake look more interesting and tempting.

7) How To Warm Up Baked Items In A Correct Way

You can easily re-warm pizza or other baked items in the microwave by putting a cup of water in alongside it. With the glass of water, the moisture created inside will help preserve crunchy crusts.

8) How To Cut Onions Without Tears

Only when you’re planning to cook, put the onions 30 minutes in the freezer before chopping them. Don’t use this hack if you’re planning to make a salad out of them as this technique will make them lose their crunch.

9) How To Roast A Whole Chicken

You can roast the chicken easily by laying it on its breast. As the breast contains most of the meat and the direct heat to the meat will help the chicken cook quicker.

10) How To Use Film Wrap Like A Chef

Does your wrap rip easily? You can keep the plastic wrap in the refrigerator just like what chefs do. Cold food wrap behaves better, tearing less and sticking.

11) How to boil Pasta With A Smarter Technique

If you can’t watch over the pot while the pasta is boiling put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. The wood of the spoon will stop the foam from going over.

12) How To Peel Citrus Fruit Easily

Doesn’t peeling oranges, lemons, and satsumas ruin your manicure? You can now easily separate the wrappings of citrus fruit by putting them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

13) How To Grate Soft Cheese Quickly With Less Heap

Keep the soft cheese in the freezer for half an hour and then grate it. The cheese gets hard after keeping it in the freezer making it quicker and easier to grate.

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