13 Places In India All The Foodies Must Eat At Before They Die

Lately, trips to foreign destinations are in vogue. Thanks to Globalization. Before we venture places outside India, let’s not forget to visit all those wonderful, diverse and beautiful locations within our own country. Exploring the whole country not only gives you an idea about the numerous geographical variations our country encompasses but you will also be exposed to the multifarious culture of incredible India. One integral part of these cultures is reflected in their food and you get to taste all the flavours that exist when you travel around India.

So let’s get started on making the list of places foodies cannot afford to miss visiting in India:


Delhi Butter ChickenThe Capital city is known for its extravagant North Indian Cuisine. Be it the tasty aloo parathas you get at Chandni Chowk or the Gajar ka halwa and jalebis from those innumerable halwai shops- This is food at its best. Let’s not even get started about the fingerlicious Butter Chicken from the vintage Karim’s, Nizamuddin. This is where you get the best tasting North Indian food.


GOA Food

Source: instagram.com/dilpreetkohli

The smallest state in India, but in no way small when it comes to the variety of Seafood available here. Known for the huge number of Beaches present here, it’s no surprise this is THE destination to grab a bite off the best seafood dishes. The prawn curries, king crab fries, seafood platters, Goan Vindaloo are the ones to look out for. Grab your food, sit by the seaside with a beer in your hand – that’s the definition of a perfect evening in Goa.


Amritsari ThaliWe all love eating food in roadside dhabas. But if you want to get the experience of an authentic dhaba culture, then Amritsar is your destination. The kulchas, satpudas, moong dal laddoos, lassis, aloo parathas with ample amount of cream on them just blow your mind away and will leave you wanting more and more.


MUMBAI roadside foodThis City is known all over the world for many things. To add to the list, this is also the Maharaj of Street Food in India. You will be awestruck to realise how many varieties of food you can eat by spending a minimum amount of money. Though Vada pav is the most famous of them all, the underrated ones like Dabeli, Kheema pav are equally good. Make sure you try all of them. And the city also is a hub for innumerable varieties of chat like Bhel puri, Masala puri, Pani Puri …list is endless!


Lucknow Fish BiryaniLucknow is known as the city of kebabs & Nawabs for a reason. So, you get to taste the best Awadhi and Mughlai dishes here. The aromas and scents of Lucknowi Biryani make your mouth water even before the biryani is brought to your table.



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No better place to kick start your trip to South India. Be it the people, or the food- very friendly. You will fall in love with both in no time. A list about great food without a mention of Hyderabadi Biryani is incomplete- applies to both around the country or the entire globe. The fragrances and the spices used to cook this dish give it a flavor your tongue will love forever.

The city has a lot to offer besides Biryani like Haleem & Yakhni, Chakhna, Qubani ka meetha- they all taste like heaven.


Gujarati thali

Source: Cultural India

At Ahmedabad, you get the best Gujarati thali with the best vegetarian dishes. The food here is so yummy, you might consider turning into a vegetarian by the time you leave here.


Darjeeling TeaNot only is it the place where you can see the best sunrise ever but also where you can have the best British Breakfast in the entire country. It consists of pancakes, waffles, bacon and the top class Darjeeling Tea.


Hilsa Fish Curry

Source: Imperial Inn Food Recipe Blog

There is a reason why all my friends from Kolkata are foodies. The food they get there is so delicious, no way you are not a foodie. The range of delicacies stretches from various unique fish curries like Hilsa (cooked with Mustard sauce) to the best desserts you can possibly taste like mishit doi. Bengali cuisine can make anyone drool over food like no other cuisine can.


pandi curry

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This is the place to taste the best pork dish ever. It is called the pandi curry and is dark and spicy. It goes best with a glass of hand-made wine which you can choose from a variety of wines available here. Make sure you get a cup of coffee before you leave.


momosThe North east is full of Mother Nature’s beauty. Make sure you eat the chowmeins and the momos stuffed with beef at the Broadway Hotel in Shillong while you are there. Because those momos are the real deal.


Dal Bati Churma

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Rajasthani Cuisine is yet another one you cannot miss. The trip to jaipur is incomplete without having Dal-Bati-Churma. A fusion of three separate food, it is a complete supper in itself. It is the most popular food of the pink city.

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