13 Things Only Non-Vegetarians Living with Vegetarians Can Understand in India

These ones for those who have found solace in chicken but are stuck in a vegetarian family or have a pure vegetarian hostel accommodation when all you crave is meat.

Here are 12 things only non-vegetarians living with vegetarians can understand in India:

1. You are constantly told that paneer is better than chicken.


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Worst still, this comparison comes from people who have never tasted chicken in their whole life!

2. Soy chunks are compared to mutton.


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Now, this is as far as it gets for those who know the taste of both the dishes.

3. Chicken flavoured noodles are your BFF (even though they taste nothing close to the real thing).

eating non-vegetarian noodle

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Even though they taste far from the usual thing, this is the furthest you are allowed to venture in the vegetarian neighbourhood.

4. You lie to your parents about the Non-Veg meals you have outside home.

eating non-veg

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KFC serves vegetarian burgers too, is your reply to any direct cross firing.

5. You are always persuaded to turn vegetarian by your folks.


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Arguments against animal cruelty and the benefits of broccoli are top of the line discussions.

6. You are jealous of friends who have Non-Vegetarian families.

eating non-vegetarian

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*looks at own plate of daal chawal*

7. You’re always ready to wipe up other people’s meals.

other people's meals

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Your friends know who to find when they have too many chicken tikka pieces on their plate.

8. You are always eager to be invited to your non-vegetarian friend’s home.


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The homely feeling you get with these like-minded or rather like-tasting people is irreplaceable.

9. You ALWAYS order meat when you’re dining out.

eating meat

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This looks like a break from harsh reality, hence you want to grab the opportunity with both hands.

10.You are tired of changing roommates because of your meat interest.


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You would prefer to stay in the backroom of local taco-bell instead.

11. You have even tried smuggling meat to your residence.


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But the smell always plays a spoilsport.

12. Your biggest fear is a vegetarian life partner.


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What can be more unfortunate than shuffling between vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu for your whole life?

13. Your mouth is watering just from looking at this photo.

Butter Chicken

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There may be tears in your eyes from the beauty of it. That’s something even the best of us can’t help but do — even if we’ve never had Butter Chicken.

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