15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Michelin Guide

On Tuesday, Michelin Guide gave San Francisco’s Bay Area Restaurant it’s 2017th Star, which made the restaurant the sixth bay restaurant to have received the award.

Here are some fun facts about the famous guide that would help you understand the process better and meaning of those stars the restaurants are swooning over:

Fun Facts#

  1. The Michelin Guide was started by the same company that makes the tires and was created to increase the sales of the car tires. The entrepreneurs Andre Michelin and his brother Eduard thought to create this guide of rating the hotels and restaurants after eleven years of starting their tyre manufacturing company.
  2. In August 1900, 35000 copies of the first edition were printed and distributed for free.
  3. In 1904, a similar guide was published for Belgium which was the first International guide. In 1909, the first English-language version of the Michelin guide to France was published.
  4. Andre realised that man only cares for what he pays for, and hence went on to charge 7 francs for the guide from 1922.
  5. All the ads were pulled down when the brothers decided to start charging for it and till today it is not advertised.
  6. In 1926, it started reviewing the fine dining by sending anonymous reviewers to restaurants.
  7. The three star ranking system came up in 1931 but by 1936 the criteria for the same had not been promulgated.
  8. The guide got its present red colour in 1931, earlier it was blue.
  9. Guide also highlights restaurant with “good food at moderate prices”, under Bib Gourmand Award since 1955.
  10. Bib is the company’s nickname for The Michelin Man, company’s logo for over a century.
  11. In November 2005, New York focused first American guide was published.
  12. The Michelin ‘inspectors’ are totally anonymous and cannot even tell their parents what they do for living except their spouses.
  13. There are 80-120 inspectors who have to undertake a six month training and work under a senior before working alone.
  14. These inspectors’ meals and expenses are paid by companies and they go to restaurants as regular customers.
  15. It has not been revealed as what it takes in a restaurant to gain Michelin stars.

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