Carbohydrate Heavy Foods

4 Carbohydrate Heavy Foods: Avoid Them

Proper nutrition and exercise are extremely important for the human body in terms of our health. We should remember to maintain a balanced and proper diet to lead a healthy and fit life. Indians generally face a number of metabolic diseases like Diabetes and Vitamin deficiencies. In most cases, the reasons behind these metabolic diseases can be easily traced to an improper lifestyle led by the population. A major problem related to these lifestyle diseases is that they are not taken seriously by the public. People discuss lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cholesterol with a light tone that is usually not adopted when talking about diseases. So here is a list of 4 food items that are consumed on a large basis by the Indian populace through a misunderstanding that they are healthy.

Disclaimer- This article does not intend to demean any food or insult anyone’s sensibilities. It is just a reminder of the nutritional values of these food items. 

1. Idli

carbohydrate heavy foods idliMost people are under the assumption that idli is a healthy breakfast as it is teamed and not fried. People tend to believe that idli is healthier than Dosa because of the fact that it is steamed and hence there’s no usage of oil which will be unhealthy for the body. However, this is not true. In fact, idli is as disastrous to a healthy eater as dosa as it is made of rice. Hence, this means that it is filled with carbohydrates and sugar.

2. Fruits and Fruit Juices

Fruit JuicesAnother common misconception that everybody has is that a fruit diet is a way to go for healthy eating. People think that since fruits are free of all calories going on a fruit diet is good as it will lead to them loosing weight due to calorific deficiency. However, the downside to a fruit diet is that fruits and fruit juices are full of sugar which will give you metabolic diseases and also increase your weight.

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3. Poha

PohaIndians tend to believe that Poha is good for the body as it is not fried and hence there is very little oil used. They believe that it is free of calories and hence is something that should be added to the diet for healthy eating. However, this is not true. Poha is made of rice flakes and hence it is filled with carbohydrates and sugars. In fact, a single cup of Poha contains 270 calories which are not good for the body at all. 

4. Cornflakes


Some time back people around the globe believed that cornflakes are a healthy breakfast food. However, over time people have started to understand that this is not true. Following this realization cornflakes companies started to sell new versions which were said to be either “less sugar” or “no sugar”. But people do not realize that cornflakes are in fact not healthy at all as they contain carbohydrates and have a high glycaemic index to go with it.

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