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5 Amazing Innovative Varieties Of Best Dosa In Delhi

Some food can just spell magic in dire conditions. A piece of crisp, pillowy doused in sambhar and coconut chutney can make half of us forget about our daily routine. Are you also one of those who find the aroma of freshly made dosa fascinating? One of the simplest pleasures in life is having these South Indian dishes made into thin pancakes and stuffed according to your own choice.

While the most famous ones are the classic Rava dosa and masala dosa. A lot of variety is offered to the demanding palate. For those who’re true foodies and would like to experiment their food, we decided to explore some of the most amazing and unconventional dosa variants that exist, and you may not have discovered them yet. These 5 restaurants serve the best dosa in Delhi. Take a look:

1) Mutton Dosa

Mutton dosa is served at multiple places in Delhi and is loved to the extent that many restaurants are known just for and because of this dosa specialty. This dosa is available from many places like Indian Coffee House, the Delhi School of Economics students’ canteen and United Coffee House to restaurants like Andhra Biryani House and Mahabelly.

2) Pao Bhaji Dosa


This variety of dosa is just a mixture of Maharashtrian flavors in a traditional South Indian preparation. If you’re anytime planning to visit Ghaziabad, do check out The Dosa King situated in Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad. The restaurant serves many offbeat dosas and other South Indian delicacies.

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3) Noodle Dosa

Many College campuses and areas nearby them are known for their exceptional eating joints offering a range of delicious street food and other items at reasonable rates. If you are heading towards Satya Niketan, do visit to Bombay Brunch which serves a huge range of South Indian food dishes besides a long delicious menu covering Chinese dishes and traditional Indian street food items. At this place, you can also try the Noodle Dosa and other variants like Schezwan Dosa and Cheese Noodle Dosa.

4) Spring Roll Dosa

best dosa in delhi

An eatery called Dosa Plaza at the Ambience Mall in Gurugram is loaded with a range of delicious, innovative dosas. Do try the Spring Roll Dosa here.

5) Pizza Dosa

Call it an innovation or bizarre, but there’s something interesting about the fusion of South Indian and Italian flavours that will tempt you to try this version. A small eatery called Imly, located in the food court of the DLF Mall offers pizza dosa and many other dosa variants that you will love to try.

Happened to try all of these innovative dosas in Delhi? Feel free and share the review with us in the comments below!

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