Nail Biting

5 Dangers of Nail Biting

We as children had picked up many bad habits, most of us have outgrown these nasty habits, but few seem to keep it. One such thing is nail biting or scientifically called onychophagia. A person usually tends to this habit when he is bored, anxious or stressed. Many have this misconception that it’s just a harmless activity but the truth is that nail biting has some serious physical threats. Here are five good reasons to break this habit now.

1. Horrible Infections

This is the most common problem caused by nail biting. Usually, people don’t wash their hands before biting their nails, and thus, there are high chances of bacteria entering the mouth. There is also a high probability of getting your nails infected because of tearing around the nails which when comes in contact with the bacteria from your mouth could get infected.

2. Dental Problems

Trips to a dentist are always full of trepidation, and if you have a habit of nail biting, then you have to do it often. Nail biting leads to shifting of teeth out of their proper position, wear down prematurely and become weakened if you bite your nails over time.

3. Bad Breath

A Huge amount of unwanted bacteria enters your mouth every time you put your fingers in the mouth; this causes halitosis, aka highly disgusting breath.

4. Nails might NEVER GROW BACK

Nail biting damages the nail bed, which leads to the shortening of nails and could also cause them to grow in unevenly or with bumpy ridges.

5. Facial Warts

Many reasons could cause warts on your fingers, and when you bite your nails, these warts can easily spread to other fingers, your face, your mouth, and even your lips.

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