Why Are These 5 Foods Eaten For Good Luck In The New Year?


All of you must have some or the other superstition that you believe in blindly. Well, there are some that the majority of the people seem to believe in. You might have heard of the ritual of people eating some specific foods during New Year, hoping it will result in a prosperous year. Some might think that this is a bit overly superstitious, but superstition might not be the only reason behind it. They are tasty!


Pork is quite a common sight in everyone’s platter around this time. In the olden days, the “high on the hog” refers to the choice cuts of pork served to the elites. These generally include the meat from the loin, shoulder and the upper leg. The “low on the hog” cuts like belly, offal and trotters usually go to the poor. But not these days! Everyone can be found savoring this rich dish. Pork, with its rich, delicious fattiness has come to symbolize wealth and prosperity. There is a wide range of options like sausage, ribs, bacon, ham, suckling pig, etc. to choose from. This transforms the day into a literal “hog heaven”.


Though this is not that common all over the world, you will be bound to change your opinion if you happen to visit Italy during this time of year. The Italians believe lentils are a symbol of wealth and prosperity because the flat legumes that are quite common happen to resemble the old Roman coins. They’re traditionally served with pork this time in the form of a huge sausage called cotechino that simmers with the lentils. They make a tasty combination.

Soba Noodles

Many of you might not even have heard of this name, but this is a delicacy in Japan. In Japan, they signify a long life for obvious reasons. But there is a catch. You have to eat them without breaking or chewing them. Slurp these long noodles in one piece for a long life and a long tasty meal.

Black Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are thought to bring about good luck. But many have a varied opinion on the origin of this belief. But one foremost thought traces its source to the American Civil War. During those times, these peas were used to feed the grazing cattle. In the late spring of 1863, the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi faced a siege and the food supplies were cut-off from the city for nearly two months. As two months is quite a long time to go without food, many people were close to starvation. So they resorted to eating the food reserved for their cattle. If it were not for these peas, most of the populace wouldn’t have survived. Thus, the black-eyed peace came to symbolize good luck.

leafy greens

Well, the leafy greens symbolizing money makes sense as they resemble folded paper money. A true Southern New Year’s tradition involves pairing these green leafy with the black-eyed peas and ham. If these superstitions are to be believed, this combination might very well triple your luck for the year.

Superstition are not, these make a tasty dish for the start of a New Year. What better way to start the year?

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