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Reading from a computer screen is very hard on the eyes and sometimes readers just don’t stay if they can’t even read your blog post — or they are uninterested. if you want your followers to stay on your blog and read the entire blog post, you should make sure that your post is easy to read and entertaining for them. Posts that are easy to read will make your followers return back to your blog and gain you some more followers as well. In this blog post I will give you 5 ways to make your blog posts more readable.

You want to focus on your audience and remember you are writing for them, but be yourself at the same time. Your blog post in many cases is your first impression on people in this digital age. They will sometimes find you on your blog first and then come to classes or whatever event that you are holding… or maybe wanting you to come to their house for a class, or service you provide. For example.. if you are writing about LEGOS then the focus would be kids — or adult kids if that be the case since a lot of adults still play with them. So even with LEGOS you have 2 focus groups. Think about who you are writing for and write for that group.

1.) Make clear paragraphs

When you read a book, newspaper or just anything a paragraph is clearly outlined and you can tell when it starts and begins. You can tell the topic of that paragraph. However, a lot of bloggers just write in broken paragraphs or they write one big looooooong post that doesn’t resemble a paragraph at all.

Go back to the basics. Start your paragraphs with a main sentence and then elaborate on that sentence. This way the reader will be able to grasp what it is that you are even talking about and what is relevant content from your post. also make sure that your paragraphs are not to long. 7 to 8 sentences is much to long for a paragraph, stay within 5.

Making paragraphs also makes it easier for the SEO bots to scan your posts better for making you reach those SEO status that you want.

2.) Short Sentences

Try to write your sentences short. We consider sentences containing more than 20 words to long. If you remember going back to the basics of grammar you will be good to go. Stick with needing the what and the why.

3.) Limit difficult words

You really don’t need to use a lot of big huge 20 point words when blogging. Remember that their might be people that english is not their first language reading your blog. As a former SU, A Muse Studio and now a Fun Stampers Journey demonstrator I know that a lot of people from across the world are looking at your blog. Don’t use words that are more than 4 syllables long — I am not saying people are stupid, I am just saying make it easier on those that might not know your language very well. Make it easy to read…

4.) Use your signal words-

Using signal words like ‘most important’, ‘because’, ‘thus’ or ‘besides that’ are very important to use because they give direction to your followers. These words give a signal that something is coming. If you are summarizing you will want to use words like first, second, third and so forth. If you want to contrast you’ll write same, less, rather, while or either. If you want to conclude you will use hence, consequently, or therefore. I think you get the idea about signal words. most people do use them but it is just a good reminder that we are using them.

5.) Mix it up!

For a follower to be attracted to your post it should be varied. This means that you should try to mix it up a little bit. switch around the format in which you do your blog posts. If you put everything in the same order all the time people will know where to expect it and they will only go to your project supplies section of your post for example and not read the whole thing. You want people reading the whole thing so mix it up a little. Also stay away from the words and or Too mix it up with using also or moreover.

In conclusion, if you want your followers to read your entire blog post, you should make it easy for them to read. By making it easier for them to read you also make it easier for the SEO bots to read and look at your blog to gain you better ratings with the search engines. Tools like Grammarly and Hemingway can help you to write a fantastic readable blog post. If you are using Yoast just follow the tips that they have at the bottom to give you that green light of go. If you are not getting a green light, go back and see what your Yoast plugin has to say. Granted if you are using blogger you will not have Yoast — sorry. Also please read my other article on writing user friendly content

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