Health Benefits of Music

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Music

Music in itself is healing. Irrespective of culture, origin, race and ethnicity music connects to all.

We may not agree on a lot of things, but we all love music!

Drawing up from some personal experience, my 82 years old grandmother suffered a stroke recently. The left side of her body wouldn’t react to touch, she could no longer remember things, and her speech was impaired.  However, every time someone would play her favorite songs she would jolly well sing. She would sing like it’s no one’s business, as though no one is watching her and magically she would remember all the lyrics! Music’s healing powers are undisputed.

Here are few of the health benefits of music that make music so much more than a leisure activity:

1. Helps you cope up with depression

The times when you are feeling depressed, down in the dumps, music elevates your mood. Suddenly, you don’t feel that bad anymore, and your mind is ready to look at things with a fresh perspective. Research suggests that different genres of music have different effects on the mood. The consensus is that classical and light music can make you feel light and uplift your spirits. Metal and EDM, on the other hand, would make you feel melancholic.

2. Elevates your mood

Unwind yourself with some fantastic music, put those vinyl records and dance a bit. One any given stressful day, music is your guardian angel. Music just like running secretes those feel-good hormones. Music gives you a little push. In fact, researchers claim that music increases your heart rate thus aiding your metabolism.

music health benefits

3. Improves verbal and visual skills

Students who’ve been taught music at an early age show higher receptivity to understanding and retaining new words. Their verbal and visual skills are relatively higher than others who have not been trained.  Even one-year-olds are more expressive, smile more often and learn to talk much faster than kids who haven’t been exposed to music.

4. Helps the aging brain

Did you know, music helps your brain stay active? Yes. After all, it is a form of exercise for the brain. People practising music in old age are more vigil, alert and brain healthy. Music works on your memory and mental sharpness. Most of the doctors use music as a treatment for patients with brain damage. Most of these clients have regained partial or full memory depending on the severity.

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5. Improves your sleep quality

No more counting sheep and staring at the walls endlessly. Stress and anxiety are the most common enemies of sleep while music is the most potent antidote. Music soothes your muscles and works on a steady heartbeat thus aiding you to sleep well. Music is highly recommended for those suffering from insomnia.

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Go ahead and jam to your favorite song! Music is indeed a fun exercise with loads of benefits.


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