Indian Desserts

5 Indian Desserts You Should Always Save Room For

Indians are known for being sweet-toothed and their desserts fulfill those after meal cravings like no other thing. Desserts in India are not just to be taken after meals. Actually, there is no definite time or occasion to devour on that gooey, mouth-watering gulab jamuns, rasmalais, ghevar, jalebis. Indian desserts are popular in the world for their unique taste and textures.

1. Kulfi

A replacement for ice-creams in India, this dense, frozen dessert is a treat for anyone. It is creamier and denser than traditional ice-creams. The various flavors in which kulfi is available are cream, mango, cardamom, rose, pistachio and saffron(kesar).

2. Gulab Jamun
Gulab jamun

Gulab Jamun is very much enjoyed by the people all around the globe, especially the ones in Caribbean countries. It is basically made of milk solids with flour moulded into a round shape, and deep-fried. Formed in round balls which are added to the sugar syrup.

3. Kheer


Our very own ‘phirni’, also called pudding, is made with just two simple ingredients milk and anything from rice. Semiya, vermicelli to tapioca can be added to have a sweet and delicious dessert ready. It is flavored with cardamom, saffron and dry fruits.

4. Rasmalai


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These are crustless Indian cheesecakes. Its name itself has deliciousness, especially when pronounced as ‘rosshomolai’ in a language of its origin i.e. Bengali. It is made up of sugary white cream with channa soaked in malai flavored with cardamom and cooked in sugar syrup and milk. The very idea of Rasmalai can bring water to anyone’s mouth in India.

5. Jalebi

We all remember that commercial of the 90s in which a cute little boy who leaves home but gets excited to go back home on hearing the word ‘Jalebi’. That is the craze of jalebis amongst the sweet-toothed of all ages. These spiral-shaped sweets dipped in syrup are served with cold curd or rabri which is a combination to sate the appetite of any gourmet.

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