5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned!


It’s hard to believe but there are places in India where Indians are denied entry. Most of these places are being run by Indian owners and allow entry to only foreigners.

1. A Certain Lodge In Chennai (name withheld)

Anonymity guarantees a certain degree of freedom to operate as one pleases without external intervention.
And this lodge in Chennai, ironically given the pseudonym “The Highlands,” only accommodates guests who can produce a foreign passport. The Deccan Herald has reported that this hotel observes a strict “No Indian” policy. But there’s a catch, Indians who posses a foreign passport may be allowed to stay.

2. Uno-In Hotel, Banglore

The Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore, a city know for being cosmopolitan, commenced operations in 2012, exclusively catering to Japanese tourists and workers in India. However, in 2014, the Greater Bangalore City Corporation shut down the hotel on the grounds of racial discrimination.

3. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol

This cafe in quaint Kasol tucked in the Himalayas, gained a fair bit of infamy after mid-2015 when the owner refused to serve an Indian lady. The cafe, it seems, only caters to Israeli tourists in Kasol.

4. “Foreigners Only” beaches in Goa

Goa is a hot spot for foreign tourists in India. And most of the annual revenue generated by tourism owes much to foreigners spending on goods and services. Some businesses owners in Goa (shacks, restaurants and private beaches) have taken it a notch further by exclusively serving foreign tourists.

5. Pondicherry’s “Foreigners Only” Beaches

It seems that racism is also apparent on the Eastern Coast of India, where beaches (shacks and restaurants included) are reserved only for foreign visitors. Puducherry is truly living up to its Colonial past.

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