Fish Oil

5 Reasons You Should Add Fish Oil In Your Diet

The primary goal of every individual today is to have fat loss and pack all the muscles, and there is one supplement which can help you quickly, and that is fish oil. You can skip your multivitamins sometimes, but fish oil is something you shouldn’t ignore.

What Is Fish Oil?

Obtained from the tissues of oily fish, a fish oil is just a must intake. They’re filled with essential omega-3 fatty acids that our body needs for the smooth functioning of various organs. The two essential omega-3 fatty acids we get from it are Docosahexaenoic Acid and Eicosapentaenoic acid.

Here Are 5 Reasons To Have Fish Oil Regularly:

1. Helps Burning Fat

Fish oil helps burning fat by enhancing insulin sensitivity. Researchers have proved omega-3 present in it increases insulin sensitivity which results in the right amount of oxidation of fat. Athletes are advised to use fish oil strictly as it lowers the loss of muscle and bone density and keeps off the fat.

2. Brain Health

Essential fatty acid (EPAs) present in fish oil supports the cognitive ability of the brain, also acting as an antidepressant. DHA is the structural component of the brain and primarily the cerebral cortex which is responsible for creativity, judgment, emotion, memory, language, abstraction, and attention. It also helps in forming the brain cells and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

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3. Healthy Heart

The essential fatty acids present in the fish oil has proved to improve the overall cardiac function. According to studies, there are fewer chances of the heart attack from the Atlantic region, as individuals there consume salmon fish. Salmon fish is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. There are many other studies too which prove the fact that fish oil is very beneficial for the healthy heart. It helps in producing good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL).

4. Joint Health

Joint pain can be troublesome. Fish oil containing Omega 3 has been proven to improve joint health. Studies suggest omega-3 fatty acids can support the joint mobility and also control certain types of inflammation in the body.

Fish Oil

5. Better Muscle Recovery

Fish Oil has been proven to take down muscle soreness by a staggering 30-35% and increase blood flow to muscles during intense workouts.

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Dosage Of Fish Oil

The dosage of the essential supplement depends on the lifestyle of a person. For example, about 1-2gm of omega-3 per day is enough for an individual with a sedentary lifestyle while people with active lifestyles like the athletes can consume about 3-5gm of fish oil per day.

So, Introduce fish oil into your daily routine and enjoy its endless benefits.

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