5 Reasons Why Nutella Is Better Than Your Ex

For anyone that has ever been through a breakup, we understand your pain. We get that you need a distraction to not think about your boyfriend or girlfriend. And we’ve found the perfect solution for you.

That void filler is Nutella. Not convinced?

Here are five reasons why Nutella is the perfect replacement for your ex.

1. Nutella is that perfect person you’ve been searching for.

If you ever wanted to be in a healthy relationship, Nutella is the one for you. To keep you healthy, you need a mix of fibre, iron and calcium. And Nutella provides you all this and more. Don’t worry if your ex-wasn’t this nice with you.

2. Nutella sells like hotcakes

You wanted your ex to be pretty famous? Worry not. Nutella is famous worldwide as one jar of it is sold every 2.5 seconds. All your wishes will turn true with Nutella.

3. Nutella is a spawn of a very rich man

Always wanted to be with a rich man? Well, Nutella is the brand of Ferrero SpA, also the creator of Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero SpA is the third biggest chocolate and confectionery producer in the world. Pick up a jar of Nutella to feel rich.

4. You have a world-celebrated anniversary

Your love has the ability to transcend beyond borders, because everyone looks forward to your anniversary. Because, on February 5, the world over, people celebrates this day as Nutella Day. A perfect ode to your togetherness.

5. Nutella has a dark side too


Source: facebook.com/nutellaindia

So you like people who have a dark side? Well, you’re in luck. Because Nutella too has a reputation for being a bad boy. It contains sugar and vegetable oil, which of course aren’t the healthiest things in the world. But, we like giving into our guilty pressures often, don’t we?

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