5 Weird Crimes Associated With Pizza

Pizza is undoubtedly one of our favourite dishes, but sometimes its obsession can take you to a strange unknown path of destruction. If you don’t believe me, here are 6 weird crimes associated with pizzas.

1. The pizza-craving burglars

PizzaIn 2014, an old man was stabbed to death by burglars who stole his wedding ring and bought pizza with the stolen money.

2. The dutiful Dominos driver

Dominos Pizza driverBack in 1990, when Dominos delivered free pizzas in case they didn’t reach in 30 minutes, a dutiful driver crashed into a woman’s van killing her just so that his order is not delayed.

3. The revengeful pizza worker

cheese pizza

An 18-year-old got furious over receiving a huge order just before closing time and rubbed his testicles in the customer’s pizza. Had the customer not entered the store just in time, the worker would have been successful in his revenge.

4. The garlic knots fanatic

garlic knotsIn 2012, a pizza delivery guy was literally punched on the face by Robert Wheeler, simply because he forgot to bring garlic knots. That’s serious love for knots I would say.

5. The weird jail guard

Crimes Associated Pizza

In August 2014, a jail guard was found spraying mace in the inmates’ pizzas, making all prisoners sick. Now, this is uncalled for, when you are already serving your time.

As weird as they may sound, such incidents reflect that pizza is just not a regular dish, so better keep all the craving under control, you might end up doing something bad.

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