6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim


1. A nutritious balanced diet

If you think that Japanese people eat mostly sushi, then it’s time to clear your misconception. A diverse balanced diet including fruits, rice, vegetables and green tea is the secret behind their agelessness. Eating fresh and seasonal food is their first preference.

2. Cooking method which is different from others

Japanese people follow a traditional cooking method with minimal usage of oil. Their cooking method is such that the nutritional properties are retained in the food. The food prepared is less on spices and is healthier for organs. They believe in preserving the actual flavor rather than spoiling the nutrition with artificial flavoring.

3. Eating culture which is unique

Considered as a ritual, the eating habits of Japanese are very unique. They prefer eating slowly and use chopsticks so that only a small amount of food goes into the mouth with every bite. They make sure that overeating is avoided.

4. No bread, just rice

With a staple food like rice available in plenty, Japanese women cook rice without adding butter or salt. Saying no to bread helps them stay slim without gaining extra pounds.

5. The most important meal of the day – Breakfast

Japanese ladies are very particular about their morning meal and their breakfast is usually very diverse including soup, fish, rice, omelettes and vegetables. They believe in having a heavy breakfast and the rest of the meals are generally lighter.

6. No to desserts

Desserts occupy a very limited space in Japanese plates. Their desserts are normally made of low fat and low sugar. “Mochi” is a kind of dessert made from rice which is generally consumed.

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