Wedding Night Sex

6 Food Items To Have For An Unforgettable Wedding Night Sex

Picture this the lights get dim, the floor is layered with fragranced rose petals and the man of your dreams is waiting by his side of the bed. Nervous, excited, ecstatic, eager,  jittery, these are just some of the many emotions felt by a bride-to-be before her big wedding night. For all you foodies out there, here’s a happy news, food plays an integral role to spice up your bedroom scenes! While I entrust you with the sexy lingerie shopping, here are some aphrodisiacs that will surely help cast a spell for an unforgettable wedding night.

Here are six foods for unforgettable wedding night sex:

1. Saffron

Foods for wedding night sex

The mother of all spices. Saffron is highly famous for its cliche cameo role in all the Bollywood ‘suhagraat’ scenes.  Crocin, crocetin, and safranal are antioxidants known to increase one’s arousal and sex drive. Moreover, they help heal depression and help reduce menstrual pain too.

2. Broccoli


Libido, they say can slow down if he does not get the essential nutrients and vitamins. It could make them lethargic, uninterested and less passionate.

Raw, cooked or sauteéd, there are ample of ways you could dish it up! Broccoli is rich in vitamin C.  The vitamin C is important for blood circulation to the sexual organs in the body. Estrogen level in men is further reduced by broccoli. So ladies, make sure you feed your man plenty of broccoli

3. Chocolates


This one is for both men and woman. Most of us would be extremely happy to know about this one.  Surely one of my favorites and I’m sure yours too. Do you often find yourself happy and more relaxed after gobbling up chocolate? A bar of intense dark chocolate could do wonders! Chocolate releases serotonin a.k.a the feel-good chemical. Moreover, it drives blood to the vital organs.  The amino acid called L-arginine further acts as a sex enhancer. 

4. Almonds


This one’s a no-brainer!  Packed with health benefits, almonds contain riboflavin, magnesium, and copper. If you are concerned with the longevity of your act or increasing the strength of your performance, almond is your go-to spice.  The proteins present further increase the levels of testosterone and estrogen! Go the good old way often prescribed by grandmothers and mix almonds with saffron and milk!

5. Avocado

Foods for wedding night sex

Banned by the Aztec group for being too sexy, the avocado tree is called Ahuacatl aka the testicle tree. It has an abundance of vital nutrients like Vitamin E, potassium, vitamin b6 etc.

Psst. rumors are that avocado was banned by the Mexican priests for its overtly sexual appeal.

6. Strawberries

Foods for wedding night sex

Strawberries Cherries And An Angel’s Kiss In Spring My Summer Wine Is Really Made From All These Things – Nancy Sinatra 

Immediately, the much celebrated sensual song from the old James Bond movie comes to my mind.  All you need is some strawberries dipped in hot chocolate and the rest depends on how creative you can get! What’s more, Strawberries are rich in minerals and vitamins! They are an ideal choice to wash away all the wedding fatigue and help you get your kinky best.

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