6 Good Reasons To Laugh More


We all have heard the famous proverb, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Indeed, it is true!! Laughing not just lifts our spirit for few minutes but as scientifically proven it has wide-range of health benefits. It eliminates toxins from our bodies, reduces the blood pressure and increases oxygenation of cells and organs. So start laughing out loud to your way to good health with few more health benefits of laughter listed below.

Laughter is good for your brain

Do you know that one person who forgets a lot? – If yes, then laughter is the solution that you could recommend to him. Laughing improves the functioning of the brain and helps to remember facts and recall details.

Boosts your relationship

According to researchers, couples who laugh together have a very strong bond; they feel more close to each other and show a high capability to overcome any complications or stresses in their lives. So amid all the special gifts and surprises, make sure there is a laughter dosage too.

You burn calories

We all have experienced that moment when our stomach starts hurting after long bouts of laughter; this happens because our muscles stretch when we laugh. It is a natural way of exercise, which you can do while watching a good sitcom and depending on your physical engagement in the process of laughing you could work out your legs, shoulders, back and arm muscles as well. See also: how munching more can help you burn calories.

Boosts your immune system

Laughing increases the number of antibody-producing T cells, which are a type of white blood cells known as lymphocytes. It helps to fight illnesses and infections in the body and also lowers stress.

Relieves pain

A hearty laugh releases feel-good endorphin into our system that is more powerful than painkillers, so next time when you are in pain instead of popping pills take the dose of laughter.

Live longer

According to the researchers, positive people live longer, and they are less likely to die from major diseases like cancer, heart diseases and strokes. Therefore, don’t stop laughing for a happy longer life.

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