6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Jaggery (Gur)


More and more people are turning to jaggery or gur as a healthy alternative to sugar, as it is a sweetener which only adds superficial or ‘empty’ calories to your body (if consumed moderately). It is widely produced in Asian countries like India and Africa, from unrefined sugar by boiling raw sugarcane juice till it hardens. However, jaggery can be made from date palms and saps of coconuts too.

It is best consumed in winters, as this is when it is freshly produced. White sugar, if consumed in excess, can lead to various diseases, and jaggery is a fantastic ingredient which can replace sugar in your everyday diet plan. Most people may not find the appearance of jaggery very appealing thanks to its ochre color and gooey texture, but there are several health benefits of this accessible and reasonable kitchen ingredient:

1. Improves digestion

The chief reason why many people prefer eating jaggery after their dinners is because it prevents constipation. As jit activates the enzymes in our bodies and promotes healthy bowel movement, it stimulates a proper digestion process.

2. Blood purification

Jaggery is an excellent way blood purifier owing to its incredible cleansing properties if consumed regularly but in limited amounts. This keeps your overall health intact. What’s more, it also keeps blood disorders at bay and increases haemoglobin which in turn improves immunity.

3. Liver detox

One of the crucial ways to stay healthy is to flush out toxins from your body, and jaggery is a great way for liver detoxification. Eating small bits of it regularly can prove to be a great way to cleanse your body.

4. Enhances immunity

As it is packed with fantastic anti-oxidants and minerals like selenium and zinc, jaggery helps to avert free radicals, which are said to cause early aging.

5. Treats flu

Common cold can be quite a challenge to cure, but eating jaggery to cure a cold, cough and other flu-like symptoms is an age-old solution. As it is loaded with minerals and anti-oxidants, it can boost your immunity, thus treating the flu. If added to your regular tea, this remedy for treating the flu will be even more effective.

6. Anemia prevention

Jaggery is rich in iron, and eating regular lumps of it is a natural way of curing anemia. An excellent source of iron and folate, it helps to maintain the level of blood cells, and this is truly helpful during pregnancy.

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