6 Places In India That You Can Travel To Even When You Are Broke


How often have you cancelled your Goa plans just because you didn’t have enough money? Or your bank balance does not let you go to that trip to Ladakh that has been on your bucket list for so many years. But how we crave to set ourselves free and wander wherever we want. Well, luckily enough, travelling in India is damn cheap if you plan it right. Of course, you won’t get to live like a king and you have to be ready to compromise on luxury.

Are you ready for a dose of cheap thrills? Then check out these 10 places that you can travel to even if your bank balance says otherwise.

#1 Travel to Kodaikanal

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This amazing place has room prices starting from Rs. 200. And guess what? One ENTIRE packet of fried chicken or anything like costs just Rs. 20. I can already picture myself sitting in my room, enjoying the view with a pack of fried chicken- all at Rs. 220. You can get there by train or bus which is cheap too.

#2 Goa Travel Diaries

Ditch the VIP stay in Goa and welcome those refreshing shacks to enjoy all the way more. I mean it. Shacks that are to be found all along the major beaches are the best, best places to live in. Oh! Did I mention that beer is just for 30 bucks?

#3 Alleppey Calls

Want to lose yourself in the rustic backwaters of Kerala? Alleppey is the perfect destination for you to enjoy the waters and the forests in a houseboat for a meagre price. Tip: Befriend the local fishermen, give them 100 bucks, and you are all set to explore the place in a boat on your own. Do not forget to visit the temples and the Alleppey Lighthouse.

#4 Trek to Mcleodganj

Starting from the train to Dharamshala, to the guided treks, to the stay- EVERY thing is cheap here. Even the pancakes, heck! You are Bound to forget your foreign trips due to the amazing view of Mcleod, I assure. Get lost in the serenity of this place and don’t forget to visit Triund. It’s a small trek up from Mcleodganj.

#5 Soak Up In the Beauty of Darjeeling

Your trip to Darjeeling, if planned in the right way, will cost way lesser than the price of 1 kilogram of Darjeeling tea. Don’t believe me? Well, the place is filled with cheap homestays which offer some of the best views. You would be amazed by how warm the people of North Bengal are. Also, the world famous Darjeeling tea costs damn cheap here, duh! Try to catch the sunrise from Tiger Hills, people die (figuratively) for that.

#6 Ooty Beckons

Ooty is one of the most beautiful places of Karnataka, take it from me. Or anyone, literally. The beautiful hills and dense forests will etch in your memories like the Daffodils did in Wordsworth’s, trust me! And how could I forget the chocolates? People here make chocolates in their homes and sell them at cheap prices. And there are so many flavours. The Fernhills are beautiful and Kodaikanal is just a few stops away!

What are you waiting for, lazyheads? Pack those bags and feel what wanderlust truly is.

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