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6 simple home remedies for tooth pain that really work

A tooth pain can disturb you like hell, and an immediate relief can save you from a troublesome pain. The primary cause of cavities and other tooth problems can be because of poor oral hygiene. The pain on your teeth can be so intense that it can even stop you from eating sweet, too hot or too cold food. Pain in the small part of the body can make a great trouble for you.

So here we are with six home remedies that will give you instant relief from the miserable tooth pain.

1) Salt And Pepper

Salt and pepper have many anti-inflammatories, antibacterial, and analgesic properties. They can act as an excellent remedy for toothaches. You can make a paste of salt and pepper and apply it on your affected tooth and can also use it as toothpaste every day.

2) Cloves

Just like salt and pepper cloves also have many anti-inflammatories, antibacterial and analgesic properties which can be magical to your tooth and can fight infections. For oral problems, you can dab cotton in clove oil and use it on the affected area while you can also add few drops of clove oil in a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

3) Say A “No” To Extreme Temperatures

An oral problem can make your tooth extremely sensitive. So, try avoiding food and drinks with extremely hot or icy temperatures like ice creams, hot coffees, soft drinks and many more beverages which can cause problems to your oral health. Brush your teeth and mouthwash every day with warm water only.

4) Glass Of Warm Salt Water

A glass of warm salt water can help you fight a toothache easing the pain in seconds. A glass of salt water has many properties which will decrease the inflammation and also fight the bacteria that cause infection.

5) Take A Cough Drop

Keeping cough drops for a while in your mouth can also help you to relieve minor tooth pain. Cough drops usually contain small amounts of menthol and benzocaine which are anaesthetic which leads to fight bacteria and relieve pain.

6) Vicks Vaporub

Using Vicks vapor rub can give you a quick relief. Don’t apply the vapor rub inside your mouth but apply it outside your cheek where your tooth hurts. Then use a pillow and lie down on one side. This trick works wonders and can give you immediate relief.

So, if you’re in pain because of a toothache and need an urgent assistance use the above home remedies and get cured quickly!

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