Coconut Water Benefits

There are some natural drinks in nature which are far superior to any man-made energy drink or vitamin drink available in the market. They don’t have any toxins, artificial flavors, sugar and preservatives. Here are some of the benefits of one such drink i.e. Coconut Water (Nariyal Pani)

Weight Loss

Coconut contains fiber which prevents overeating. Also, it is a perfect energy drink and does not add any sugar to our system assisting weight loss.

Healthy complexion

It hydrates our skin and acts as a moisturizer. Thus it is helpful for maintaining good health of skin over prolonged period.


Coconut has good absorptive capabilities which help our body to rehydrate. There are minerals present inside which are very helpful for absorption through the walls of the stomach.


Coconut is helpful in replenishing the electrolyte needs of the body. It has 600 mg potassium, 250 mg sodium, 50 mg magnesium, 58 mg calcium and 48 mg of phosphorus present in it.

Kidney Function

It helps to counteract any ill effect of diet on our kidneys. Here the potassium acts as a diuretic.

Immune system

It converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is an antimicrobial compound. It also helps in preventing fungal infections.

Digestion and Stomach issues

Coconut helps in absorption of water and sugar. Also, it is very effective in reducing inflammation. The lauric acid helps in fighting infection of the stomach.

Staff Writer