7 Best Healthy Snacks List

Most people will not consider snacks as healthy. This is so because the general image that one gets when they think of snacks is of junk food – potato chips, wafers, candy, et cetera. However, this image needs to change. There are several other food items that we can consume as snacks which do not possess unhealthy components like junk food. 

So here’s a list of some of the healthier alternatives to junk food that you can snack on guilt-free:

1. Legumes

LegumesLegumes, or basically beans are a good source of fibre, proteins, minerals and healthy fats. One of the best ways to consume legumes is to combine a few different kinds of beans together to create a salad. This is a sure fire way to ensure you consume enough legumes and also to add an interesting touch to your snack.

2. Yoghurt

YoghurtGreek yoghurt that is low sugar and plain is one of the best things you can snack on during the in-between meal hours. It is filled with high levels of probiotics and proteins which are good for the body and will help you to keep up with your diet.

3. Fruit

Healthy Snacks - FruitThe perfect meal for those who get hungry in between meals but are also on a diet and hence don’t want to consume oily snacks. Fruits like watermelon, avocados, pineapple et cetera are filled with high levels of protein and fibre which will keep your stomach full and healthy until your next meal.

4. Popcorn

Healthy Snacks - PopcornPopcorn, when eaten properly can be a healthy snack for us. Dump the movie theatre, buttered popcorn instead opts for homemade popcorn which you can make with less salt and top off with healthy alternatives such as oil with healthy fat, seasoning with a low level of sodium or even brown sugar. Popcorn contains a high amount of fibre, it is also a good snack for those suffering from diabetes.

5. Oats

Healthy Snacks - OatsThe healthier version of oats which can be made at home from scratch is a wonderful snack for those who want to maintain a well- balanced diet. Oats are extremely high in fibre, they also have a good amount of healthy fat and carbohydrates which are good for the body. However, always remember to opt for making it from scratch instead of using the ready to cook packets.

6. Nuts

Almond NutsNuts like flaxseed, almonds, cashews et cetera are a good snack for when one feels hungry. These are filled with proteins, vitamins and minerals which will keep you healthy and make your body remain in shape. Another good snack would be a nut or seed butter on toast, this will fill your belly and also put a smile on your face. 

7. Vegetables

Healthy Snacks - VegetablesVegetables like carrots, cucumbers and kale are a good addition to any meal to keep it balanced and healthy. Eating slices of these veggies or making a salad from them, both are good options to satisfy your appetite keep you smiling.

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