7 Foods That Can Help Us Overcome Cold

One of those diseases which none of us can escape at least once or twice every year is cold. Here are few tips which will help you to overcome cold and reduce the pain.

1. Bread

BreadEating Bread absorbs and calm stomach acids which help the queasiness to go away. Whole bread is also good for constipation.

2. Fruit

FruitIn Cold have berries and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes. These fruits contain flavonoids which can boost our immune system and are great for removing toxins.

3. Nuts

NutsNuts are the best food to have when your entire body aches. It contains magnesium, Omega-6 acids and calcium which helps reduce muscle soreness which lessens muscle cramps and pain.

4. Water

WaterWater can help with fever and also flushes out toxins from your body. Drinking water clears our body from cold bacteria which will help to stop the coughing. Besides it also helps to cure Dehydration in our body.

5. Honey

HoneyHoney soothes a sore throat and is a natural antibiotic. Honey can be used as a laxative, a cure for upset stomach and for a cough and sore throats.

6. Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic YogurtThis yogurt helps support our immune system and relieves throat pain. It clears bacteria from our body and also tastes good.

7. Mint Leaves

Mint LeavesHave some mint leaves and coconut oil to have your own personal vapour rub. Rub that leaf on your chest to get natural relief and open up your airways which would help you sleep.

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