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7 Foods That Keep You Up At Night

You might have set up your room to a haven of your choice down to the nail and still, you might end up straying away from your sleeping habits that might even be set in stone. Sometimes it all boils down to what you eat before you hit the bed. Some foods are better avoided if you are looking for a peaceful night of dreams.

#1 Water

night water

Chugging down a glass or two of water right before you go to bed or waking up in the dead of night to take a sip of water kept beside your bedside, might not exactly be a good idea if you do not want to wake up again before morning. The water you drink might start pushing your bladder, in which case you have to wake up again to relieve yourself. So better avoid drinking too much water before you go to bed.

#2 Green Tea

Green Tea

The substances theobromine and theophylline present in green tea can cause an increase in your heart rate and a feeling of nervousness and anxiety. Add the caffeine present in it to the equation, and whola, your sleepless night is ready. So, it is advisable not to drink it after 3-4 pm.

#3 Chocolate


Caffeine is quite famous among the Nocturnals who like to be active during the night and it is present in chocolate, i.e, a post-dinner dessert of chocolate will not be doing any favors to your well-ordered sleeping schedule. So, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to maintain your deep sleep after having your favorite chocolate dessert.

#4 Sugar-laden Foods

Sugar-laden Foods

If you have a habit of eating high-sugar cereals for dinner or cereal bars and the likes which are known for their high sugar content just because they are tasty, it is better to avoid them. All they do is cause a spike and a crash in your blood sugar level, effectively blockading your sleep.

#5 Ketchup


If you are a ketchup lover, it is better to keep it off your plate, at least during the dinners. Ketchup is highly acidic due to the presence of tomatoes and other chemicals and preservatives that increase their acidity level. This combination is an excellent recipe for indigestion when you get into bed.

#6 Spicy Foods

Night Foods

Well, we have added sugar-laden foods to the list of substances that are better avoided during the night. So, it is only natural to send the spicy foods to accompany them. As you get ready to sleep, your body brings down the core temperature so you might get some deep sleep. But spicy foods are known for their ability to increase your core temperature which interferes with your sleeping mechanism.

#7 Fatty Foods

Fatty Foods

It is better to eat all your favorite fatty foods like fried chicken and french fries at some other time of the day as they can cause bloating and indigestion, preventing you from sleeping properly.

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