7 Foods Not To Eat On A Date


While going out on a date, you must be wishing that it ends beautifully without any problem. Normally, you must be more concerned on your appearance and talking; ignoring the major element of the date i.e. the food you order and eat! As you mull over the choices, be sure to avoid these 7 foods that will undoubtedly ensure you never make it to date number two.

1) Hamburger

Let’s not beat around the bush: no one wants to see your mouth open that wide, or watch meat juice drip off your chin. Put down the quarter pounder and back away.

2) Tacos 

More food will end up on the plate than in your mouth. Don’t make your date watch that, it’s just mean.

3) Corn

Because it is impossible to eat without getting at least one kernel stuck between your teeth.

4) Soup

Better to avoid accidental sound effects and spills.

5) Carbonated Drinks

Bubbles usually resurface as a burrrppp, which will certainly make for an awkward break in the conversation.

6) Spaghetti

Reality check: you are not in Lady and the Tramp. There’s nothing sexy about slurping pasta into your mouth.

7) Wings

Finger foods are a social mistake. Eating with your hands is unattractive and unsophisticated. Plus, who wants to deal with that whole sauce mess?

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