7 Parsi Dishes To Blow Away Your Taste Buds

On their arrival from Persia, the Parsis brought exquisite culinary techniques with them and blended them a little with the Gujaratis. Soon they created delicacies that explode in your mouth but leave you feeling light due to them being less oily and spicy. Let us check out a few of the Parsi dishes down below.

1. Sali Boti

Sali Boti

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Made using a variety of meat bases like mutton or lamb, this has a crispy surprise at the top in the form of thin fried potatoes.

2. Haleem


Source: Wikimedia Commons

With a delicious thick blend of pulses, meat and spices, this dish is made in winter to keep the body warm.

3. Patrani Machchi

Patrani fish

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Grilled fish, which is already delicious, marinated using mint, coriander and various other spices and cooked gradually inside a banana leaf.

4. Marghi Na Farcha

Marghi Na Farcha

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Crispy fried chicken with spices. What more needs to be said?

5. Chicken Dhansak

Parsi Dishes Chicken Dhansak

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A dish made with chicken, dal and other vegetables, the Chicken Dhansak is eaten along with brown rice.

6. Lagan nu Custard

Lagan nu Custard

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Sweet in all the levels possible, this dessert is made using eggs, bread and milk.

7. Ambakalya

A tangy and flavorful dish made using unripe mangoes and jaggery, with cinnamon added at the last minute during cooking to give that special mouthwatering taste.

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