7 Parsi Dishes To Blow Away Your Taste Buds


On their arrival from Persia, the Parsis brought exquisite culinary techniques with them and blended them a little with the Gujaratis. Soon they created delicacies that explode in your mouth but leave you feeling light due to them being less oily and spicy. Let us check out a few of the Parsi dishes down below.

1. Sali Boti

Made using a variety of meat bases like mutton or lamb, this has a crispy surprise at the top in the form of thin fried potatoes.

2. Haleem

With a delicious thick blend of pulses, meat and spices, this dish is made in winter to keep the body warm.

3. Patrani Machchi

Grilled fish, which is already delicious, marinated using mint, coriander and various other spices and cooked gradually inside a banana leaf.

4. Marghi Na Farcha

Crispy fried chicken with spices. What more needs to be said?

5. Chicken Dhansak

A dish made with chicken, dal and other vegetables, the Chicken Dhansak is eaten along with brown rice.

6. Lagan nu Custard

Sweet in all the levels possible, this dessert is made using eggs, bread and milk.

7. Ambakalya

A tangy and flavorful dish made using unripe mangoes and jaggery, with cinnamon added at the last minute during cooking to give that special mouthwatering taste.

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