7 Reasons Why India Is The Mecca For Every Foodie

“Food for Indians is like music inside the body, and music is the food inside the heart” – George David Roberts

You have to taste a culture, to actually understand it and I can vouch for this. There are many experiences in India, but if you’re the eat pray love kinds, food should be on the top of your checklist.

1. The Enticing Aromas

KebabLet the aroma of spices and condiments gentle tingle your senses, and the smell of perfectly cooked food seduce your tummy! Here in India every cuisine, every delicacy has its unique smell. You can identify a seekh kebab from a pav bhaji or a kadhai paneer just by its unique ingredients.

One of the best ways to explore is to walk into one of the “khau gallis” (street food lane’s) famous in Lucknow, Amritsar or Mumbai

2. Unlearn And Practice The Art Of Eating With Your Hands

Eating With Your HandsIt’s time to unlearn and let go of those acquired culinary skills. Have you tried eating sambar and rice with your hands or broken chapatis with your fingers?

We locals can warrant for the fact that Indian food tastes so much more better when consumed by hands. What’s more, you get to lick your fingers once your meal is over!

3. Taste That Mirch

MirchConjure up the deep-seated courage and try out the spicy Indian dishes. The Pani Puri and the Sev Puri is a must have.

When you’re in the land of spices, you can’t but ignore the Mirchi! If you are bored of the mild food take some time out to taste the spicy fried Mirchi that comes along with a Vada Pav.

4. Bond Over A Meal

Bond Over A Meal Langar

Source: The Huffington Post India

While most of the Westerners are conditioned to eat alone, in India, we firmly believe in the idiom that people who eat together stay together! Diversity is something that is deeply rooted in our culture, yet we unite over meals.

A free langar inside the Gurudwaras feeds thousands of people everyday or that South Indian joint where you share your tables with absolute strangers. Talking over a meal could be quite an adventure, especially because you get to hear a great many stories.

5. Explore The Distinctiveness Of Each Region


Source: Veg Recipes of India

Be it the North, South, East or West; every region has its specialty and a unique cooking style. Bhindi cooked in North India would be significantly different from that cooked in the South, Every state and every region in India has their distinct flavors and processes. If you want to explore India truly, the best way is to try the different local delicacies that each region is known for.

6. Breakfree Free From Your Comfort Zone

SamosaFor an explorer and an adventure seeker, the best way to know a place is to go out and explore. Leave those fancy hotels behind and try your hand at authentic food.

Pro Tip – Many of you would be skeptical about the hygiene and cleanliness issues about street side food. However, there is one simple trick that will resolve all your worries. As far as eating outside is concerned, make sure you eat hot food cooked live in front of you.

7. Visual Delights, Just Like Bollywood, Our Food To Is High On Entertainment

gulab jamunWe Indians are colorful people, and so are our meals. From leafy veggies and pulses to red/turmeric based gravies on can never get bored of the extravagant cuisine.

Oh, P.S lets not forget the desserts here. The deep brown gulab jamun to the multi-colored kaju katli, we have a lot of offering for the sweet tooths as well. Now that you are convinced hop on a flight and visit the exotic land of spices.

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