Butt Bigger

7 Super Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

We all desire that perfect body with the perfect shape and leave no stone unturned, at least once in our lives, to achieve this goal. This goes for particular body parts as well, including the butt. There are certain super foods which can make your butt bigger, to get that desired curvy look.

1. Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts for bigger buttWith all the healthy fats and the necessary protein amount, cashews, almonds, peanuts and other mixed nuts are a must in your diet to get that sexy butt you desire.

2. Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat for butt biggerLet alone the butt, whole wheat contains calories that are healthy for the whole body including your heart. It is preferable over white flour any day.

3. Tuna

Tuna FishAn excellent source of protein, tuna is loaded with calories that can make your butt grow faster and at the same time, satiate your taste buds.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet PotatoesForget white flour, which is difficult to break down for the body and constitutes unnecessary fat, switch to sweet potatoes that can add weight and volume to your butt, without troubling your stomach.

5. Eggs

Eggs Another easily available source to add volume to your butt is eggs. But care needs to be exercised as excess consumption of eggs might lead to an aggravated cholesterol level.

6. Quinoa

QuinoaUnknown to many and a new entrant in this list, these healthy grains enjoys the same benefits as whole wheat when it comes to a perfect body shape.

7. Veggies

Veggies for bigger buttLeafy green vegetables with tomatoes, cucumbers etc. make for a diet healthy for the whole body including your butt. Don’t forget to include these for that perfect curvy look.

These food items can be supplemented with your workout regime to give you the desired body tone. Also, when coupled with a tight-fit or high waist jeans, they can give your butt an unparalleled appearance envied by many.

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