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7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

Wake up with a smile on your face, and you will realize that that smile lasts throughout the day. Who doesn’t want a happy and productive day? Being happy and a perfect combination of healthy habits in the morning can do wonders to set the tone for a healthy day to come.

Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up rehydrates your body. Not only that, you can find that it also gives a boost to your digestive system and literally gets things flowing. A squeeze of lemon juice or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to the water makes it even better. You will soon start to notice positive changes like clearer skin.

No Phone!

In a world where our mobile is never more than a foot away from us, most of us sleep with our phones beside us. So, the first thing you are tempted to do as soon as you wake up is, check your phone for notifications, which is not good. Try to resist that temptation for at least an hour and you will find that you are more focused and happy.

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As soon as you wake up in the morning, try to think of something which you are thankful for. This sets the stage for positivity throughout the day.

Sweet, Fresh Air!

Did you just wake up from a deep sleep? Then, step outside and take a deep breath of the cold and fresh morning air. Not only it is healthy, but also acts as a small reminder that you are all well and breathing!

Move, Move

Constantly move your body immediately after you wake up. It need be an intense workout, but moving your body a little also will help shake some blood into flowing and will push you into the wake-up mode faster. Simply doing stretches is a great option.

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A Healthy Breakfast

Rather than reaching for a box of cereal, focus on getting real foods in your body. Eggs, soaked oats, and smoothies are all great options. (And they really don’t take that much time to prepare.) Try it out. Another important thing to consider while you eat is to try to concentrate more on your food instead of texting, watching TV, etc.

Say Your Affirmations

Sometimes motivation is what we need to get through a day which you think is going to be a disaster and in such cases, the best form of encouragement and positive thoughts can come from only you. So, after you wake up, get in front of the mirror, and start your stream of positive thoughts, whatever they might be.

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