7 Toblerone Amazing Facts You Never Knew


Toblerone remains ever famous with chocolate lovers, with its perfect blend of taste and looks. As a Toblerone lover, you should know some of its amazing facts:

1. The mystery behind the name

The name ‘Toblerone’ is derived from the last name of its creator, Theodore Tobler, and Torrone, which is the Italian word for ‘nougat’ means a sweet. Theodore created the famous brand with his cousin, Emil Baumann.

2. We Consume 62,000 Kilometers of Toblerone Each Year

Toblerone is so widely consumed that if the number of Toblerone bars sold every year were to be laid end to end, they would go on for 62,000 kilometres, which is even longer than the circumference of the Earth.

3. Toblerone is the last chocolate bar that is still produced in Switzerland

All the other Swiss chocolates are now made in the developing countries.

4. Its Shape Comes From…

One unique aspect about Toblerone bars is its shape. The bars are in a form of a triangle, which is inspired by the mountain Matterhorn. This rare design for chocolate bars prompted the management at Toblerone, patent its design.

5. Toblerone has inspired Architecture

A builder was so impressed by the shape of the Toblerone bars that a student residences building has been built on the Oxford Road, Manchester, in the shape of the Toblerone bars. This building was built in 1975 and is for the students of the University of Manchester.

6. The Political power of the Chocolate

In 1995, it came to light that the Swedish politician Mona Sahlin had bought, among various things, two bars of Toblerone using her Riksdag credit card(i.e., with taxpayers’ money). This incident came to be known as the Toblerone affair, and as a result, Sahlin was forced to step down as a Prime Ministerial candidate. So much for the love of a Toblerone!

7. Hidden meaning in the logo

There is a subtle image of a bear in Toblerone’s logo, which is not noticed by many people. This is said to be a tribute to the Swiss city of Bern, which is where Toblerone was founded. The city is nicknamed ‘the city of Bears’, and in their logo, a bear is seen climbing upwards.

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