8 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea has been already used as medicine for the past years because of the huge numbers of benefits that it offers. One of the reasons with the fact that green tea is more beneficial than black tea is more on because of the processing.

Black tea is primarily processed in such a manner that allows fermentation while green tea is processed without any fermentation process. This results to a healthy green tea that retains a maximum quantity of polyphenols and antioxidants which are the substances that provide green tea its huge numbers of benefits. Here are the lists of some amazing green tea benefits that you may not be aware of.

1. Weight Loss

Green tea can enhance your metabolism. The polyphenol substance found in this drink works to effectively intensify the fat oxidation level of the body which aids to fast and safe weight loss processes.

2. Diabetes

Green tea also helps in regulating glucose level of the body by slowing down the rise of your blood sugar right after the eating process. This prevents the high level of insulin from occurring and fat storages.

3. Heart Disease

Studies show that green tea also works on your blood vessel lining. It helps to keep your blood vessel completely relaxed and withstand some changes in your blood pressure. This also protects against clot formation which is considered to be the main cause of peoples’ heart attack.

4. Cholesterol

This type of drink can reduce blood cholesterol found in your blood. This even improves the proportion of good cholesterol than bad cholesterol.

5. Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of this type of tea may also reduce your risks of getting high blood pressure.

6. Depression

Theanine is a healthy amino acid which is naturally found in the tea leaves. This is also the substance that offers tranquilizing and relaxing effect which could be a great benefit to those tea drinkers who are depressed.

7. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral

Tea catechins are known to be strong antiviral as well as antibacterial agents that are very effective in treating influenza and cancer. Studies show that because of these properties, green tea may take control of the growth and spread of unhealthy diseases in your body.

8. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer

Green tea is also known to delay body deterioration which is caused by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer. Studies show that shows who have suffered from these diseases are slowly cured by drinking green tea.
These are only some of the green tea benefits that you may need to be aware of. There are still a lot more that this type of tea offers that you would love to embrace.

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