8 Facts About Food That You Believed And Turned Out Be Wrong

While having food and maintaining a healthy diet we select few food items to be safe. But here are few of the myths and misconceptions about some of your favorite food items. This wonderful article appeared in Huffington Post which talks about some of them:

1. Cooking with Virgin Olive Oil to be a bad idea

Cooking with Virgin Olive Oil to be a bad ideaExtra virgin olive oil is highly stable even at higher temperatures and does not lose its nutrients even there.

2. Sooji Golgappas are healthy

Gol gappaNO! Sooji is nothing but ‘maida’ in granular form. So what you are consuming is ‘maida’ only not the healthy diet that you thought it to be.

3. Desi ghee causes cholesterol problems

Desi Ghee

Source: Dr. Axe

Desi ghee has more nutrients than sunflower and other vegetable oils. Consuming it in moderation does not cause you any harm.

4. Apples and Bananas have high iron content

Apples and BananasThese foods are high in fiber, which is healthy for our digestive system but it is not because of iron for which they turn brown.

5. Honey is sweeter than sugar as it has lesser calories

HoneyHoney might be a sweetener that is good for our health, but it does not mean it has lesser calories. In fact, the same amount of honey has more calories than that of sugar.

6. Eggs should not be consumed because of high cholesterol

EggsThe dietary cholesterol is good for health according to a research. It has no effect on triglyceride levels. Eating an egg daily is in fact highly advisable.

7. Avoiding sugar to keep diabetes away

sugarAvoiding sugar is not enough to avoid diabetes. Rather one has to maintain a healthy lifestyle of proper diet to keep diabetes away.

8. Nuts increase cholesterol level

NutsNuts are one of the healthiest food items. They help in decreasing cholesterol level rather than increasing it.

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