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8 Foods To Enjoy During Sex

There are two things that a man loves the most in the world – food & sex. What, if one could do both of these together? So, here are few foods to really make the fun, double while you are making love with that special someone.

1. Fruit

FruitCherries, strawberries, red or green grapes are a great addition to any sexual act. Fruits should be washed properly and the rest should be cut accordingly in bite-size form.

2. Whipped cream

Whipped creamThe cliché of all sexual foods, but keep one thing in mind, applying dairy food on the skin doesn’t leave a pleasant odour. Whip some into her mouth and watch her lick it all up.

3. Syrups

SyrupsThis liquid addition can turn a mediocre night into an incredibly memorable one and you may end up having the best night of your life. The sheets might get destroyed, but chances are that both end up licking areas of each other you’ve never ventured onto (or into) before.

4. Chocolate

chocolate cake This is a welcome treat before, during and after sex. This addition will make the night sweeter and definitely more interesting.

5. Oysters

Oysters for sexThis seafood provides a Zinc boost which leads to a longer and stronger sex.

6. Popsicles

 PopsiclesThis is for all the dirty minds out there. It will get you and your girl both turned on before the big act.

7. Water

WaterThis may not exactly be food, but water will keep you hydrated and going the entire night.

8. Alcohol

AlcoholThis is ideal for both body shots or drinking the night away, as anything alcohol can provide some mad fun.


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