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8 Healthy Food You Should Eat Empty Stomach In The Morning

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential for a proper metabolism. It may not be the best to start your day with a whole full meal. Your body and other internal organs need time to process and kick start after long hours of sleep. Dieticians recommend that you should consume a small snack within two hours after waking up this helps you to get your metabolism going.

So here we are with a list of 8 healthy food you should eat in the morning and kick-start your day.

1. Honey With Warm Water

Eat Empty Stomach HoneyRecommended by dietitians, honey with warm water does wonders for your body. Honey, lemon and warm water are extremely low in calories and help to aid weight loss by improving your digestive track and releasing toxins. When you drink honey with warm water, it contributes boosting your metabolism and energy levels too.

2. Soaked Almonds

Eat Empty Stomach AlmondsAlmonds are rich in many minerals and vitamins. The nutrition value of almonds enhances when soaked in water. The brown peel of almonds contains an element called tannin which inhibits nutrient absorption. Once you soak almonds tannin peels off quickly allowing the nut to release all the essential nutrients needed. You should eat 5-10 almonds every day in the morning for boosting your energy.

3. Amla Juice

Amla Amla is filled with Vitamin C and helps in improving the immunity too. The fundamental nature of Amla helps in releasing the toxins and strengthening the digestive system. It also helps in maintaining beautiful hair and clear skin. According to Ayurveda eating amla on a regularly adds longevity to your life. For gaining health benefits fresh Amla Juice should be taken everyday empty stomach in the morning.

4. Papaya

PapayaPapaya has many health benefits. Eating papaya empty stomach in the morning will clean your belly improving your digestive track. Avoid eating anything for at least an hour after consuming papaya.

5. Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsThese small little soldiers contain all the nine amino acids making it a complete protein. They are filled with fatty acids, vitamin B, iron and magnesium. Soak a teaspoon of these tiny seeds in water overnight and eat them empty stomach in the morning. You can also dip them in almond or coconut milk and have a smoothie.

6. Watermelon

WatermelonThe best time to eat this amazing fruit is emptying stomach early in the morning. The fruit is full of electrolytes and low in calorie. It is light, hydrating and nourishing making a phenomenal start in the morning especially in summers.

7. Bitter Ghee

Bitter GheeBitter ghee is where the traditional desi ghee is infused with several bitter herbs like manjistha, neem and much more. According to Ayurveda bitter taste is known for cleansing, cooling and reducing antimicrobial activity. It also helps in reducing inflammation, regulating blood sugar, and purifying blood when eaten regularly. You can have a teaspoon of bitter ghee with warm water empty stomach every day in the morning.

8. Dates

DatesDates help to instantly boost energy which is much required to kick start your day. They are rich in soluble fibres and potassium which helps in improving digestion and relieving constipation. For gaining its benefits you should eat 2-3 dates every day in the morning.

These small changes in your diet can act very beneficial to your body! They will make you feel energised and active throughout the day.

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